Biped Move All Mode (SDK,C#)


I just want to offset my biped in mixer mode, that works by hand. but using this code:

                    iBipDriver.BeginModes(BMODE_MOVEALL, 1);
                    iBipDriver.SetBipedPos(com_pos, 0, com_node, true);
                    iBipDriver.EndModes(BMODE_MOVEALL, 1);

This will return back the biped to the original pos and values for the MoveAllMode dialog are still zero.Any idea why this happen?


I figure it out! This works while biped COM is selected.


Ha ha ha!!!
I started to think I might have missed something and didn’t know some Biped interface. Nope… It’s just the well-known BipMaster, but in its “tolerant” version.


Yea! I think I’m the last person in the planet earth who wants to develop biped :smile:
it was called BipMaster some day… I don’t know why name of the class should change!, anyway this is my method to get that if you like:

private readonly static IGlobal global_interface = GlobalInterface.Instance;
private readonly static IInterface core_interface = global_interface.COREInterface;

const uint I_BIPDRIVER = 0x9165;
	IINode node = core_interface.GetSelNode(0);
	if (node != null)
		IControl control = node.TMController;
		if (!MaxHelper.IsBiped(control)) MessageBox.Show("Select a biped.");
			NativeObject obj = control.GetInterface((InterfaceID)I_BIPDRIVER) as NativeObject;
			if (obj != null)
				IIBipMaster iBipDriver = global_interface.IBipMaster12.Marshal(obj.NativePointer);
				if (iBipDriver != null)


long time ago I emailed Autodesk guys and told the why you don’t update-change-remove some parts of the max for rigging, for example why we need HD IK? and they respone to me “We wouldn’t gonna do that because our users-developers may be confiused, so we will keep that”.
And then after that they removed Reactor and Mentalray completely :slight_smile:


Don’t worry. You are not alone. I continue to develop tools for Biped and still believe that Biped is one of the best animation pipelines out there.


True that, especially IK-FK at the same time is my favorite.


Problem exist with the rotation, (even with selecting biped COM):
iBipDriver.SetBipedRot(com_rot, 0, com_node, false);


you’re on the right track < Rotate > :sunglasses: