Biped IK-FK


I know this question asked several times in Max forums, but anyone knows how we can create a biped like IK-FK rig? how does it works? is it possible to do the math entirely inside a scriped-controller-plugin for example?


The answer is no… If you make your own IK/FK, Biped ceases to be “Biped”. Biped uses its own controllers, which is impossible and makes no sense to replace. You may use Biped as it is, or make your own rig as you like.


I just wants to make my own rig, but something like biped IK-FK functionality. I mean if you move the hand is IK and if you rotate the arm is FK. both funtionality at the same time.


I hope you found your answer, incase you didn’t
I think “Felix Joleanes” did exactly what you want & If I’m no wrong (i don’t know anything about SDK)
He shared its plugins and the open source code of that plugin.

And if you want to know the math behind the IK and how does it work “Enrique Rosales” made a beautiful tut for that in Maxscrip , and by following and completing his step you can create Maxscript version of IK.
hope coming handy to you.