BioShock Promotional Art - PW, Tyrone Maddams (3D)


Title: BioShock Promotional Art - PW
Name: Tyrone Maddams
Country: Australia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

This is a BioShock promotional render created by Plastic Wax for 2K Games.

For the Lil Sister i used my lil cousin as ref, the Big Daddy model was created at Blur by Ian Joyner.

I textured her in Photoshop cs3 and Z Brush 3 and composited the render passes together in cs3.
Final stage was overall colour tweaking in Photoshop and adding my favourite part, the subtle blood pass.


:bowdown: Fantastic work!


Booya! Sheer awesomeness right there! Award for this please…


I like it a lot !
The lighting reminds me of ’ La citée des enfants perdus ’ from Jean Pierre Jeunet .
Especially the green lights ^^


Truly great image! Beautiful sense of mood. Amazing work as usual, Ty! :thumbsup:


Great work, love the lighting! :slight_smile:


Beautiful lighting and color composition. What an outstanding work! 5*


very nice bioshock art cool job


looks great :slight_smile:


Cool! i like the contrast generated by the characters.


awesome image ,colors and composition way to go tyrell!
any chance of a breakdown some grey shaded shots etc?


cool stuff! i agree with heber…would love to see some untextured shots of the models too. Great color comp for sure! Feels almost the background need heavier noise or something though…but thats very personal preference…other than that, great work!




Nice image, rich in colors and detail.


Very Nice!
Love the mood! :wink:


looks great, like the colors and the camera angle


Hey Tyson, VERY amazing lighting, the textures are Great as well !
keep up good works :thumbsup: .


Keep on Tyrone!

really amazing work like always!

man u rock…

great stuff u did with this piece of art


Wow, great light and colors!


Very beautiful work!


Wow awesome work Tyrone! Beautiful lighting and composition!
Congrats to all involved. This is frontpage stuff!