Biomechanoid, Squidinc (3D)


Here we go…


I meant nothing, except what I wrote, that its not the tools but the artist…that you could probably pick up any 3D program and have made something so cool looking.
but, also excuse my ignorance, as I havent kept up with C4D. :slight_smile: I didnt realize its so robust now!
The Sketch shader looks awesome!


I usualy say alot, but I just love this piece, trully awsome!




really good design. I love the detail you putting on.
:scream: :scream: :scream: :thumbsup:


awesome is the only word i choosed to describe!!


thought u can setup just a little bit more environmentfog…

very nice modell! and render!


Squidinc, thats an amazing creation!!:thumbsup:


wow, that is some piece of work!

truly amazing!


this was a creepy character but very well detaild i like to see him in the sun :slight_smile:


As you mention you made this for competion, which position you get in competion?
by the way, Great modeling, Best of luck.:thumbsup:

Best Regards


this is an old old thread haven’t really done anything since :eek:

which position you get in competion?

I won first prize :smiley:


Thanks for your Pervious Response.
At once i would like to give: congrats for you.
well, this can be old, but it’s quite new for me :deal:
Once again congrats for you.

Best Regards


Modeling is very complex and well done, rendering is awesome but the character concept sucks :shrug: Very well done though, you got skills


u could win if u post this in the machine flesh challenge. hehehe . . too bad :stuck_out_tongue: . .
looks good , love it.


Very nice. Did you by any chance base it on The Shrike from Dan Simmons’ “Hyperion” books? Looks a lot like what I imagine it looking like.


great work…!!!:slight_smile:


your maping is good!!:applause:


great work man:thumbsup:


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