BioMechanical Tauren


Yo i’ve finaly found my server to put my pics on YEAH
This is a Character from quake 4 design…


These are a bit more recent


Mmmm I think i’m perfect if You don’t do Focused Criticism

THis is my Wire


A bit more


hm, it’s a bit hard to make out the details in the pictures that are having a valid url… you should either edit your posts to use a new url or stop deleting the images in the earlier posts… :slight_smile:

as far I can tell the head looks good… nothing to critique in my opinion, but you’re far from finished, so I suppose you will get some more comments by the time you’re done… :rolleyes:


Tanks For the answer… I did’not erase both first images i d’ont know why, but it doesn’T mather

This is the Vack of the head. Again it’s far from the end


Yo Some little Change about my characterAlways far from the end…


I like your avatar, thats about the only pic I can see from this page…


Why mabe i don’t have any Reply because noone see my Images… I can see my images I dont’know why Arg that’s very Dull


Ok your pics are back up now. I can see everything except the first 2 now :slight_smile:

Hmmm This is a very hard model to crit. Your model is very solid, looks like you have great reference pics to go on. I like the detail you have so far, really cant find any flaws. So I will just encourage you, keep going it’s coming along nicely!

I guess if I had to pick on a spot I didn’t like, it would be your top shoulder there on the front. I can’t quite make out what that is. Is that a button holding back some fabric? Or a bullet hole in armor? I’m sure once you get on texturing it will make more sense though. Probably no need for a fix.

Keep going :thumbsup:



Tanks about that Cricket i know it’s a very hard model and i’m working hard on it.
I don’t know if i’ll texture it mabe not, i just want to do a Huge detailed modeling just time will makes me change my mind but now and until the end it will be only a big detailed modeling


Some Wire…


one Shot more… sorry not that much off change i spent all my time on the mesh for the Skin looks pressed…(dunno the exact term in engish)


well it looks damn good to me! :slight_smile:

i’'ll be anxious to see a version with materials!


I’ve been gone for Weeks this is a little update
you don’t have to see what the bottom looks like for now


Did you make the reference images??? Those are awesome! The model is looking really good too, not much to say about it so far.


No MimikOctopus I didn’t do thos Concept these a too great for what i can draw :stuck_out_tongue: but i can model IT that is the point.

I have difficulties to do mechanical object
i don’T know why


Ouf i’m not woking often on it an other Update


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