Binyan Studios Webinar


Happy to be speaking with Andre Dolnikov tomorrow at 4pm pst for anyone that wants to join.

Here is a little info for those of you that are not familiar with the work Binyan is known for.

Join Andrei Dolnikov, the creator of Binyan Studios, a leading Architectural 3D rendering, animation and film studio.

One of the world’s largest 3D design studios and Andrei have a spot open for you. Are you are up to the challenge? Binyan is looking for artists, not just technical consultants. If you enjoy working in 3D and creative problem solving, this may be a realistic position for you.

Join us as we discuss what it’s like to have a realistic work week, understanding art direction, and the time it takes to deliver great art with creative flexibility - for the same pay and nearly half the hours of production work on big films and games.

“It’s what each artist brings to a project that counts, and I think that’s often overlooked. What we do is…use the software in a creative, kind of artistic-storytelling way. The emphasis is on the people and their talent. It might sound cliché, but I think that’s a big thing - it’s about the passion and the creativity you inject into it, that’s what it’s all about ultimately.” - Andrei Dolnikov, founder of Binyan Studios

Check out a preview of Binyan Studios here: is the Event Link to tune in or simply click this link at 4pm to join. We will have a short Q and A at the end if time permits
Binyan is also looking to hire at several locations both full time staff and interns