BINAH, Florian Delarque (3D)


Title: BINAH
Name: Florian Delarque
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

BINAH is the dark protector of Life and Death.

She is the lost love of my next character : ‘Hochmah’.

This character is fully modeled and skinned with 3dsmax8, and rendered in mentalray.

The dress is’nt skinned, I created it ‘in pose’.

The textures are made with Photoshop CS.

I hope you’ll like it ! ^^

Copyright © Florian Delarque 9 April 2007.


Really nice ambiance and lighting.


wow…very beautiful picture…the woman is very very beautiful…^-^…enen…****4stars from me …nice work…:bounce: :bounce:


Wow she looks sooo phantastic!
Absolutely amazing modeling and
phantastic textures and shaders.
I love your pic… really amazing!
5* from me!


Good model, but need more texture work and lightning setup!!


awsome picture. but i’d like to see some deeper shadows under the armpit.


Great atmosphere, concept, only crit is for skin, but it’s good anyway.

Good work!


Yes I agree with mihkeltt, you need some occlusion under the armpit, but is just that…I think is really a cool image!!
I like the texturing as well even if is without details…I prefer this way for this image…is more dreamy!! 5 Stars all for you :thumbsup:


This is a fantastic, atmospheric image, but am I the only one who thinks she looks a little cross-eyed? I’d pivot her left eye slightly down and outward a bit, to better convey that sad, downcast look. Everything else is flawless.


Thanks for the comments Guys!

With this picture I didn't wanted to create a realistic human , but  a graphic style for my next characters. I made the details for textures but they are really fine  and only visible on the real sized picture ( A2 Format ).

Yep luckbat, a friend of mine said me that she's crosseyed, however the eyes are linked to a lookat controller to avoid I don't understand...lool

But I think it gives her some charm..:)

Oh I thought it would be interesting to show a closeupof the face ^^

Thank you all again.



Very cool, lots of character and great mood in this piece, awesome!!! keep it up


Dude are you for real?


Good day all of you ^^

Here is a wireframe of ‘Binah’…

Thanks for the comments. :slight_smile:


Very good job for a very nice picture… Congrats ! :thumbsup:


wow~ nice img
great Job~
i like your style
like lost…like dark

i watch u~
[in chinese:wo kan hao ni o~:thumbsup: ]


Really really nice ! Mabe some more texture definition would be niceI cant wait to see more of your work. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Wow wonderful modelling…Nice texturing and great lighting setup making this artwork really impressive to me…Keep sharing…Thanks…:thumbsup:…God bless u…Keep smiling…


brilliant job done! i love the dress. so real!
I smile front page! 4 * from me:bounce:


I love the look of the porcelain skin next to the black material,perfect
Great image.


Very nice modeling job. Great dress. With the pale, smooth skin, pose, and blank expression - eyes not looking at the viewer - she looks a bit like a mannequin. Still, a very nice model, nonetheless.