Bikini girl, lufei bi (3D)


I feel very honored, thank you for viewing, which is wireframe and texture settings


Please dont tell me you got that pose from the Rig? :eek:

Awesome model, final render and rig. It would be superb to see this beauty in motion? is she animated?

Amazing work, well done! :deal:


Splendid work – simply awesome!


Lovely girl, very nice work, cheers!


damn, that girl is nice!!

Jack, you are a married man, behave, behave…


you got my vote



at the risk of saying that twice: awesome! :smiley:


xcelentttttt i loveeee thissssssssssss


Thanks a lot for the additional images! Again, this is very sweet work!



Beautiful, i like her eyes and her hair semi-réalistic.


Nice job, plugged.

It would be nice to see the rig in action if you have the time to put up a vid.


congratulations, you’ve reached my favorites list! :slight_smile:


wow, pretty good artwork, congratulations !

Thanks for sharing the details.


Really an eye-popping piece of work there. Love the modeling, the pose, everything. Absolutely stunning! Congrats on making the front page, too! :arteest:


Amazing work!
But I think that her toes are not perfect .


charmed by her and her master …excellent work :beer:


It’s lot like love at first sight. Very cute looking


Congratulations on the front page plug. It’s great to see some proper 3D work on there! Well deserved. :beer:


Beautiful model! she kicks ass!


This is a really beautiful peice . Thanks you for sharing this with us. Was she posed only using your rig and morphs? Or tweaked later? Either way it is absolutely well done.