Big update to Cycles 4D with bloom and glare, rendering of Matrix objects, and more!


I’m very excited about this!

X-Particles 4 xpExplosiaFX direct rendering.
New Matrix Info node has been added to enable rendering of a Mograph Matrix object without geometry.
Post-effects such as Filmic, Bloom and Glare added to the cyCamera tag.
Cycles 4D materials can be baked to texture maps.
Material stacking in the same way as Cinema 4D materials.

And, this is the big one for me, some seriously useful updates to the (already great) node editor.
See some of the new features in action here:


Well apart from the updater on OSX which appeared to hang, this is like using a completely different bit of software. When I opened the node editor I was amazed at how much smoother it was. Very clean design and what once was very sluggish is now really nippy. Still testing it but from what I can see it looks like a fantastic update


Im not sure how to render explosia with Cycles, I thought It was just adding an EFX material on the xpExplosiaFX object but I got nothing on the render and viewport.

Nevermind, found it. its odd that I have to add the xpExplosiaFX into the object settings


The updater works but still has that signature lag effect. Just move those windows to the side while updating and switch over to something else and let it run until it restarts C4D.


Something not mentioned in the update information (as it only helps for the next update) is that we found why OSX would appear to “hang” and have fixed it. Of course, you will only benefit from this with the next update. It was a messaging issue within Cinema 4D / OSX which blocked the dialog from updating (the updater is working but the dialog can’t update). Same issue is fixed in XP4 too, but we only ‘found’ how to fix this after the XP4 release (just before the Cycles 4D update). So this will be fixed in the next XP4 update which is soon (we are preparing a hotfix for some release issues).


How do you do it. Tearing my hair out here trying to work it out!


I have worked out how to get xplosia rendering in the preview with Cycles but when I render to the picture viewer I get nothing. Anyone know how I get a render output to the picture viewer.


Good to know, David. Figured it was an OS / host app issue given the long-standing nature of it and how good you guys are about releasing service packs, etc.


xpExplosiaFX -Rendering Guide
Set up and render xpExplosiaFX from X-Particles 4 using Cycles 4D. And how to export the data as VDB data and use that to render in Redshift and Octane. Thought this might be useful for some of you x thanks


Fabulous. Will take a look


me too, no xplosia render to the Picture Viewer


You must cache the sim in order to render to picture viewer


I thought that might be the case. In the example that is shown in this thread interactive rendering doesn’t require this which threw me a little


It is not required to cache first, please contact our technical support directly so that we can help. Thanks.


It seems the new iMac Pro’s AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64 GPUs dose not fully work with Cycles 4D. Once I add a Cycles 4D material to an object the object turns black. When I switch back to device CPU rendering the object material is correctly rendered. Anybody have thoughts about AMD GPU support with Cycles ?