Big Swell In Ocean


hi all

i’m looking for how to do a single big swell in ocean ,i tried with maya ocean n putting lattice deformer on it,it doesn’t giv good results to me.

check this out

any ideas?how to dis kind of effect with maya ocean .



How about using a softbody and a cupple of fields? For the particles you can use a locator with a simple expression that says that every particle that is “higher than and in front of” the locator will emitt new particles.


If you decide to go for the softbodies my advice is to use blend shapes for the goal object to get the overall animation and let the softbodies do the secondary motion, and I agree with _Dj, the same particles of the softbody can emmit more particles to add the spray at the front, about the shader, I’d try using maya’s ocean shader and maybe some HDRi and mental ray.

If you need any help feel free to email me. :thumbsup:


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