Big Red


“(can’t beat Painter for details)”

Really ? For me it’s kinda hard to get details right in Painter… Especially with artist oils, because you need a high resolution or else the brush isn’t able to put color on canvas ( maybe you know what I mean ) . Which resolution do you use for your big artworks? And what are your favorit painting tools? Hope you don’t mind me asking that. :slight_smile:
Or maybe you got some other hints for painting details.


Baron impossible i wish you best of lucks. It is looking awesome and as always a very fresh work you show.


yakonusuke - I usually work quite big - 5120 for this one, and use Artists Oils most of the time. I guess the small AO brush I use is 6px otherwise as you say they don’t work well. For very fine detail I’ll use a small round brush with pressure-depedent opacity, down to about 2px. And a blender - very useful when trying (and failing!) to imitate Syd! :slight_smile:

chilombiano - Thanks v much :slight_smile:


Ah thank you, these are also my favorite brushes plus a big soft airbrush. Interresting stuff, thanks man!


One of my faves. The guy looks like me when my mrs is telling me off. :beer:


Heh! :slight_smile: Thanks, glad you like it


I like how the action is frozen. I can spend a lot of time looking at the picture wondering what the people are doing.


Yup…i love the composition. And the far background like the straight clouds are mesmerising.


zarich - Thanks, that was my intention so it’s great you say that :slight_smile:

Nazirull - Thanks v much!


this is cute - ‘big red’ caterpillar =) there’s a lot of furiuos, seriuos and other stuff…, but this one is sweet and cozy to say at least :bounce: flawless rendition :bowdown:


Cheers, glad you think so :smiley:


Really sweet. The background, those wheels up on that hill and those chrome exhaust pipes really make this thing pop. Your style of rendering is pretty awesome it’s almost like one could reach out and touch it.


Thanks! I had to think a bit about the reflections in those pipes, good that you think it’s worked out.


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