Big Red


Yeah I really like this one and I can’t figure out why. It’s good enough if it was a book cover I’d buy just for the picture. The shape of the vehicle (to my eye’s at least) seems very original and just fun. The clouds might be a little heavy but I don’t think they hurt the piece enough to really worry about it. Love the background too. So is that anouther one in the background or is that the end of the main one?


chrisskinner78 - Thanks, Chris, happy you’re liking it

LostTraveler - I guess I need to think of a novel to go with it then :slight_smile: Yep, it’s the same vehicle you can see in the background, with another engine running in reverse. There are probably other engines along the length too. Thanks for the comments!


[font=Verdana]Beautiful render and design, my favorite so far, the only thing that looks a bit weird imo are the clouds, they seem to be a bit too opaque. Good luck[/font]


NicholasCaruana - Thanks for the comment, appreciated!


I saw your original sketch of this, and knew right at that moment that this was a winning concept. Honestly I don’t think any other entry will be beating this one, it’s SPOT ON in every way, and you’d think Syd himself created such an image.

I’d be utterly surprised if this DOESN’T win.


darkshark - Thanks, that’s a great compliment :slight_smile: Watch, though, there are already some seriously impressive entries coming through and I think towards the end there will be some monsters. It was like that in the last NVArt challenge, suddenly it was like “Ohhh sh*t…!!” :slight_smile:


Beautiful image, great concept and colors.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Great vehicle design. I love the independent wheels and the reflections are great. Good luck


This is a fantastic rendering. :slight_smile:


buzz001 - Cheers! Yep, the wheels were fun to do, or not :slight_smile:

SciFibrow - Thanks!


man… i really love this one… everything is just so balanced. And the color mood is just perfect!
wishing you best of Luck!


adeel - Thanks, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

BTW, for those who are interested - I’ve just started on another image, ‘Party Pods’, which will be my second and final submission. I’m hoping it will achieve a closer resemblence to Syd Mead’s style, and also there will be a lot more going on. I’ll post it when I’m done :slight_smile:


Excellent image.


JFVerissimo - Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve looked over every current entry so far, I still think you’re going to win this. There are very few that adhere to the “Syd standard” and out of those few, yours still shines.


Agreed, My money’s on the Barron and CGDigi so far.


darkshark, TMunro - Thanks for the encouragement, guys. Like all my stuff I can find fault with this but it would be great if I could place somewhere in the final bunch :slight_smile:


I would absolutely love to see a timelapse video of ANY of your pieces Baron. Your 2d work beats a lot of 3d work out there, which impresses me to no end.


Cheers, glad you think so :slight_smile: I haven’t any vids of my Painter pieces I’m afraid. I do have a workshop and time-lapse vid in this month’s ImagineFX (iss 58 I think), but I had to use 100% ArtRage so it isn’t as polished as my normal pieces (can’t beat Painter for details).