Big Red


Here’s my final entry for Big Red. It’s a futuristic, otherworldly widget transporter. We don’t know quite what those widgets are, and we likely wouldn’t understand them if we did, but suffice it to say they have to be transported to their destination in a timely manner whilst being protected from the attentions of snouted desert creatures.


Holy …! Very nice, Baron!
The clouds are a bit heavy and the composition doesn’t feel well balanced, but the rendering is awesome and the design is quite sweet!
Good luck mate! I’ll probably throw something in the challenge too… would love to do some vehicle design for a change.

edit:… nah forget that about the composition, I’m not sure bout this. :smiley:


Pretty impressive!


Nice vehicle! The reflections in exaustion pipes and the front of the vehicle are superb!


that turned out uber smooth in the end simon. I love bringing up the large version to study your technique. is it the usual artrage/painter combo?

great work



love all the outcome on this… :wink: good luck!!!


yakonusuke - Cheers, look forward to seeing your entry! The composition is busy in this one, I tried to make it like some of Syd’s but it’s harder than it looks :slight_smile:

tlaiho - Thanks!

carlossilvapb - Cheers :slight_smile: It took me a while to figure out all the reflections so I’m glad it looks OK

LightSovereign - Thanks, Marley! The initial sketch was in ArtRage and the rest of it in Painter. The original I worked on was 5000px so I could get the detail in. I find ArtRage excels at accurate natural media simulation and sketching whilst Painter is better for fine detail and definition.

cgdigi - Thanks v much

Good luck to everyone too, of course


This really is a great image, I think its my favourite so far. Good luck mate :slight_smile:


Beautiful work. I love how you captured the feeling of 1950/60’s illustration style. Congratulations and good luck!


TMunro - Thanks, great to hear that

dodgeOrBURN - Cheers, and happy you like it


Looks great, Simon!

Something tells me that with two months to go we’ll be seeing another entry or two from you.? :wink:


Cheers, Bill! Yep, I might be considering another entry, just need a bit of time first to forget how damn difficult this one was :slight_smile:


This is amazing! I like the proportions of the vehicle and I wish I could take a ride with it :slight_smile:
You are one of my favorite artists!


galeon - Thanks, that’s a great compliment


This really turned out great! and it’s in a style of Syd! For some reason there is a total lack of submissions so far in the competition that are trying for his style. Too much 3D so far but I’m sure as the days go by that will change…


Lovely piece…really reminds me of Syd Mead’s earlier work back when he did concepts for US Steel…I actually prefer some of the work from that period as much of it had a feel that reflected contemporary vehicle styling of the time.

Anyway great work, I feel I have a tough act to follow from such a strong submission.


amscime - Thanks, that’s what I’m aiming for. As you say I bet there’ll be a lot of entries in a couple of months or so, many 100s I think, and there will be some surprises in there! It was like that with the Surreal “Jacek Yerka” challenge.

olbertus - Cheers, I’m happy it’s reminding people of Syd’s stuff, even if the style is not exact. The test, of course, is will it remind Syd of Syd’s stuff? :slight_smile:


Always a treat seeing your artwork. Followed your thread on the other nvart challege too. Hope you win this one too!


Thanks! I think this one will be really tough and I’m expecting loads of interesting entries soon


Wow! This is a great piece.

I love the way you can see the rest of the vehicle trailing off into the background, didn’t notice that at first. The design is nice and original as well.

Good luck with the comp.