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Go this from Lee Perry Smith:

[i]"This new viral video on Youtube was made by a very good friend of mine, it is really a fantastic piece of work and easily leaps across the uncanny valley! The person who made it rendered it in Lightwave!

And NO it wasn’t anyone from WETA!! : ) all made by one person…"[/i]

My review of it ias that the guy was this close to for perfect lip synching but it seems that it gets lazy at poonts and would require minimal cleanup. Overall its a great piece but man, the lip mismatch just sticks out like a sore thumb.


awesome stuff and i like how he’s a dog while Avatar chars are cats :scream:
courious about what mocap device he used especially for facial animation.


what app has been used to animate it?

looks pretty cool


what app has been used to animate it?

All we know its rendered in Lightwave.
No word on how it was animated or mocap or what…

“spaghetti usb port”



Update: XSI was also used, maybe face ROBOT… trying to find out.


I was just checking whether this was posted here :smiley:

It’s absolutely fantastic, whether it was just the one guy or a dozen it’s so much fun to watch and the expressions blow me away.


Eh. The body language was nicely done but most of the lip synching seemed really stiff and unnatural. Quite nice lighting and rendering though. I think the most impressive thing about the piece is actually just the way he so accurately epitomises the kind of geek that posts video crits on youtube - reading through the list of things he liked about the film was particularly spot-on.


heh, thats pretty good. I like how tenacious d is playing in the background :smiley:


It looks like the way it’s lit and rendered sort of gives it a claymation look, anyone else see that or is it just me? Very well done though, 3 stars, out.


nicely done. If it was just one guy, don’t suspect that he used mocap. Does he have site?



Sweet! Love the T-shirt! lol

More info about this phantom? People inside Weta said that was not done by Weta…; so, it was you Lee, who did this?

Weird… lol (or not…lol)


It certainly is a fun and high quality piece, no doubt about that. But throwing around that something “easily leaps across the uncanny valley” is risky and really simplifies a very complex phenomena. We’ve written 10 page research papers on the uncanny valley that integrates a multitude of test subjects, parameters, algorithms, etc. And frankly, almost nothing has ‘leaped’ across the uncanny valley (which I’m saying is quite real). Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it, for the geek out alone.


Regarding the lipsync, it is probably the fault of Youtube as I’ve had a lot of videos become out of sync with the audio once they’ve been uploaded to the site.


Very cute.

How differently Avatar would have panned out had Neytiri been a dog. “Harro Jake!” :slight_smile: One wonders if there are any test renders wisely hidden away in a vault somewhere…


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nice tribute to avatar!


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No artist has stepped up to claim this yet?


I love the youtube comments. :smiley:

Really nice tho. The marrow bone for dinner part is awesome. ‘Sweeeet’.


i hate this already.