Big Daddy, Jason Martin (3D)


Title: Big Daddy
Name: Jason Martin
Country: United States
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, XSI, ZBrush

Big Daddy I modeled for the Blur Cinematic for Bio Shock2. Modeling and texturing done by myself. Render done by Dan Rice


Awesome! I have a figurine of this guy here on my desk at work. Great work and really nice simple presentation. I really loved the design of Subject Delta - he was a really cool variation of the Big Daddies from the first game. This is a really cool piece from you and your colleague.


Very nice character!


Great work,professional work!I wanna see more details in the left side ^^


i mean i guess its cool but whats the deal with a drill for an arm


I’m assuming you haven’t played Bioshock.


well you see instead of the regular hand he has a drill, which he uses to drill stuff … the thing that regular hand could not do :stuck_out_tongue:

very cool design man, i really love the mechanics on the drill hand!


B L U R R O C K S ! :beer:


The model is good, but the textures are amazing! However, I don´t like the massive amount of noise you added. It´s overcasted with it, less would be more (if it was looking like dust that would change it). But that´s just nit-picking. The pose is also…well, honestly, it´s boring!

Technically excellent work but the presentation could have been better.


Dude, I mean, why wouldn’t you have a drill for an arm?

Anyway, awesome work. I loved all the blur stuff done for this game, well, for most games really. You guys really are the god’s of the game cinematic.


Great work, Dan did a great job with the rendering too


Great work!! :wink:


great work, nice model and textures.


Great work Jason. Do you have any wireframes or untextured renders?


Robble! Joe, look at what you have done.

Screw you Jason! Amazing work though! congrats BTW!


As per usual - astounding work man! Love it…

LOL @ Jesse.


Personally, I think the textures on this one is what makes it great. Very nice work here!


Awesome work.


Great stuff Jason!! The mood is what I love about this piece the most.


Hell ya Buddy - awesome work - so excited to you on the top page this morning - love it - and I can’t wait to see want you are working on next.