Big Chunky Bastard


Having some DSish-spec fun:

300tris, 128x128 texture. Textured shots are at 80ish% self-illum. Still wip, but feel free to point out anything that jumps out at you. Shadow sat is getting reworked, especially the lower back.


wow, excellent lookign character for that low of poly. This could work on DS game im sure.


That looks great Teck :D. Have you tried it with a different hair colour to get a little more pop up there? The high intenisty red is cool, but have to tried it with a slightlight richer colour (more of a blood red for example).

That is a rock solid 300 tris… damn thats low ;).


Nice thread title :wink: And great work on this guy, extremely efficient stuff!


Thanks guys. :slight_smile: I’m just about ready to call this done for the moment. I’ve changed the hair color, but couldn’t be arsed to redo the screengrabs+presentation. (I lied; new shots next post)

also did a quick fun pose:


Decided to have a little more fun with the textures, so I added some more asymmetry. Eyepatches ftw. :]

Pimpage with flats:


I really like the models sillhouette, nice and chunky. :slight_smile:

The texture looks really good, now that you’ve added a lot more detail.


Nice one LoTekk, now go check out my Ferrari update in my sketchbook :wink:

The new version is tons better than the old but the heart-tattoo didn’t read as such until I’ve stared at it for 5 minutes. Not sure if that’s my fault or not though… :smiley:


Nah man, you’re absolutely right, and you’re not the first person to point that out to me. I hadn’t noticed the legibility before, since I initially did it at 800% size, but after it was pointed out I definitely agree it’s tough to read at handheld size. I’m gonna go with my original tat idea instead of the heart (the heart was partly out of laziness :p).

Thanks for the comments and crits so far. :slight_smile:


Right, made some changes to address crits (changed the tat, fixed up some shadows, overall tweakage to the texture), and I’ll get some screengrabs once windows decides to stop being pissy about the clipboard. o_O

Started another lowpoly model in the meantime, this time attempting to stick to 4-bit color. Still very wip, and I’ll be toning down the harsh black lines.

Don’t mind the square wheels, Silo doesn’t do alpha transparency (that I’m aware of, anyway). 160 tris at the mo, 128x64 texture. I’m considering alphaing out the glassy bits and adding a simple interior since I have both tris and a bit of texture space to spare (that would likely kill any realistic hope of 4-bit color though).


love the thread title :smiley:
he’s really living up to the name :thumbsup:


These things are just too much fun. Ok, managed to get a couple posed screengrabs of the big chunky bastard:

Also worked a little more on the Fiat. I think I maybe got a little carried away :scream: I’ll probably have to tone the yellow down a tad, if only so i can place highlights that can actually be seen :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: Better shot with alpha:


Finally got around to redoing the uvs and texture on the Fiat. Essentially done, I reckon. 188 tris including the 1-quad shadow.

[i]edit: I lied. Added the exhaust for 4 tris, bringing the total to 192 tris.

Additional shot, with monochrome vert lighting:


I say, that looks quite nice! A few suggestions: use some of the empty space to make a proper shadow for the car, this one is very harsh or add a vertex in the middle of the quad that is black and then have it fade out to the edges. You are probably better off doing a small radialish gradient in the wheel well. Second, maybe you could use a dark grey or something else dark instead of using pure black, it makes it a liiiiiittle bit muddy. I know the black is used all over so it might not be possible but eh, that’s my 2 cents :slight_smile: You’re definitely living up to your name btw :smiley:


The “black” is actually a high-sat, low-value blue. :] I was considering at some point dropping an extra vert in the middle of the shadow, but forgot about it at some point, I’ll try that, danke. There is actually a bit of variation to the shadow, but there weren’t a whole lot of pixels available to work with (that little rectangle near the windshield is the shadow, which fades out at the edges). I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile:

Woot, I knew the handle would come in handy someday. :scream:


Looks to me like the big empty area under the wheel wells on your texture would be more suited for your shadow then :slight_smile: And it looks like black on my laptop but then again, it’s about 2 years old if not more and it’s been banged up a bit :wink: On the other hand, if that is dark blue, what colour is the wheel? If that is black then you could definitely play around with the dark blue and pick something that might work better :smiley:


Moving on for the time being, but thanks fer the pointers on msn.

Something a little more poly heavy this time, somewhat of a self-portrait, psp-ish spec. 1010 tris including the accessories, 256x256 for the main texture, 128x128 for the bag, 128x64 for the hair, and 64x16 for the shades (the texture sizes may change as I get to work on each of them).

psp-ish sized render, 100% self-illum, just getting started on the main texture:


Adorable car :slight_smile:

It’d be cool to see a few more views of the SP (profile, front, particularly). Seems to be coming along really well, tough skill to break character down to that poly level :slight_smile:


Thanks kary, wires for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: it occurred to me a few minutes ago that since the shirt texture is partially mirrored, i’m not going to be able to do a proper shadow for the bag+strap. Doh.


Hmm, slow texture day.