Big Buck Bunny trailer released by peach blender team



peach team just released trailer for upcoming short Big Buck Bunny, premiered at Amsterdam on 10 april.

download trailer in resolutions from HD to iphone : HERE

Peach production blog have many more ressources


To all download from here :

Roberto’s Note…

Do you guys hear that loud crackling sound,
That is the sound of change.

A LOT of people will take notice of this.

Great work,



As I have said in News forum. This is so great and Blender these days is finally so advanced (as I have discovered in their website, even has some features way better then “top 3d apps” - excellent new particles, sculpting, advanced fast UV tools, in build compositing) that I really think of switching to Blender!


WOW, this was done using Blender?

Open source is taking over… :smiley:

Can’t wait for the actual film :slight_smile:


I hear that crackling sound…


That crackling sound has been there for some time, it’s just getting louder :wink:
Wake up people! Blender will make it possible to chnage allot of what we’re used to.


This is super cool. Just from the trailer it looks like they’ve made an improvement in animation quality since Elephants Dream.


I’ve looked at that website many, many times over the years. Blender is always getting interesting new features.

But the UI work required to make those features count is never done.

Blender has a hard core of fanboys that will never accept that the present UI feels wrong to most 3D artists.

And I’ve lost patience with Blender because of those fanboys.

Very nice work on the trailer.

But anyone who dowloads 2.45 and expects to see amazing workflow that matches the technical features advertised will not find it.

Its been that way with every Blender release.


Very impressive!

The opening shot is beautiful.



Projects like peach are exactly what Blender needs.

Production driven development. It doesn’t matter if your spec sheet is 30 pages long if the implementation and workflow isn’t conducive to the needs of the artists and pipeline developers.

Blender has been something of a square peg in a round hole world. Knock it up against he wall enough times through production and it’ll be a force to be reckoned with.


Wonderful, excellent, great, marvelous ( i’m learning English :)) and unbelievable in the same time.


BlueCanvas, quite a negative sound you’ve got there.
Sure the Blender interface isnt one you pick up in a few minutes, but once you get the hang of it… but ofcourse that isnt enough for allot of people.

2.50 will have allot of area’s rebuild, the interface wont change much… but it will be allot easier to change the interface to your needs.
A 3dsmax user might not be able to fully replicate that interface in Blender, but it will be possible to come relativly close to that… making the learning curve much smaller then with the current 2.45


I suspect many of the artists on the Peach team agree with you, actually. It’s a known issue, and one that many of the more experienced blender users push for frequently.

(Incidentally, of the apps I’ve used seriously (Maya, XSI, Blender), the only one that I found to have what I would call a “good” and “well designed” UI is XSI.)


holy freaking crap, kudos to the peach team. that looks amazing. wow
i guess they are right when they say its not just the tools but the people who use it.
i love everything about this.


Clicked on the 1080 button. Full screen 30" HD LCD …




Done with blender??? My jaw is on the floor…open source future here we come!


anyone else having problems loading the site?

edit - site back up. i’m surprised at all the surprises that this was made in blender.

great work, love the fur. :slight_smile:


amazing work, congrats!


wowza! No matter what platform this came out of, it is Excellent!


I’ve heard rumblings and mumblings that after this year’s SIGGRAPH, there’s going to be some big changes to that. And hey, if you’re up for it you could always design an interface that you’d like to use and maybe they’ll implement it sort of like they recently did with the Gimp.