Big Buck Bunny - Public Release


Big Buck Bunny tells the story of a giant rabbit with a heart bigger than himself. When one sunny day three rodents rudely harass him, something snaps… and the rabbit ain’t no bunny anymore! In the typical cartoon tradition he prepares the nasty rodents a comical revenge.

  Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license



Congratulations all around. :thumbsup:

Just bought the DVD in hope of the next big project!



great to see the public release !
it’s an amazing project, and not just because of the result.
I got my DVD a few day’s ago, and i’ll be sure to support future Blender projects also !


Hi all, I’m sure a lot of you will be interested in playing with Blender, here are some resources, - you will probably want to use Blender 2.45 with most of these learning materials to get the hang of things, then switch to 2.46 (2.46 has a different organization of UV editing tools - see the release notes; most other tool changes are more easily adapted to).

Here is a complete video training course done for Tufts University,

Here is the online manual

Here is Essential Blender book in online form, although not all images have been uploaded yet, so it is a work in progress
The images can be found from links on this page, for those that have not been inserted into the text yet

The Blender Art Magazine has a huge number of good tutorials

Also Blender Nation has numerous good resources,

Good Luck, and we hope you enjoy the movie and learning Blender,



1 Super powered w00t comming up…



If, for some bad luck, the website is down, here’s the direct link to the release on vimeo, where an H264 1280x720 version can also be downloaded.



very nice and spectacular work, a big congratulation to the whole Blender team :thumbsup:



:beer: WOOHOO!!


Congrats to all. Great acheivement.

Got my DVD in the mail the other day.



I was unable to download any of the 8 links I tried. I got “file doesn’t exist” and “bad server certificate” errors.

EDIT: got it working now. GREAT work! Blender is certainly capable! I don’t want to think about the render times.


New servers are being added to the rotation (for direct download).

Torrents are working fine and highly recommended, if you can use that.



I got my dvds on Wednesday and ran through the move and all the extras. It is really well done.

Im now using this as the test for all of my HD displays at work, and using the source files to make a burn for new workstations. Im sure this will bring more people over to Blender.

The peach team should be proud.


HD version is just awesome. Can’t wait to download “Making of…” materials!

After quick peek at production files I’m 100% sure many people will start creating their own flicks featuring these furry rodents.

Congratulations guys!!!

This is big. This is actually madness. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s incredible. Truly a bench mark for what blender can do.
It actually reminds me of a blur studio piece. In terms of look and feel.


Awesome. I just ordered the DVD and watched it.

The character animation in this is great, the lighting top notch, the models are great… overall purty, and an entertaining script too.

Of course, Big Buck Bunny’s release is greater than Big Buck Bunny itself… the work that was put into making this a great movie has resulted in a better piece of software that the community as a whole can use.

Fantastic! I’m curious now to see what they do with Project Apricot…


Congrets on this amazing short.

Funny how you see the grass moving near the end of the video and not the rest of it :slight_smile:

But then again it was windy near the end with the squirl type of charcter acting as a cyte :slight_smile:

Briljant work, and hope you guys are going to do more of this type of work.

Way to go on promoting the software.



Plugged it back. Congrats to all involved it came along very nicely.


Congrats, great characters, great animation.


excellent character design. Great job!


I really like the film!
The animation is great and the details are excellent. In 1080p it is awesome.
And the music is really great too. Jan Morgenstern has done an incredible good job.

Big Buck Bunny is another big milestone in the history of Blender and Open Source media.
Thank you very much for this great video, peach team.