"Big Buck Bunny" (Open Source Movie Teaser!)


On the blog there is already fruti onformation. Besides Peach there is project Apricot (to make 3d game based on the Peach film) http://apricot.blender.org/
And then there should be project Durian which should be FX Blender film (smokes, explosions, fire etc.).

So you are right. Next “fruit” produced by Blender should follow :-))))


…edited due to dual info in above post…

also you have to note that as of this project blender delivers:-
sculpting like modo/silo/mudbox
fluid simulations

it’s a full on app now


Roberto done


I will ask Ton to come there Tomorrow (Europa night)


Seeing this I definitely think of switching to Blender!!!

Next release 2.50 should have brand new “standard” interface. That was considered as main reasons why “Windows used people” where “afraid” of Blender.


Technically, I think it’s right up there with the big studios and really does a good job of showing off the capabilities of Blender.

Creatively speaking, it’s a bit dull. Looks close to on a par with stuff like Over the Hedge, but not as artistically accomplished as the visuals on something like Open Season or Horton.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s definately impressive, but as soon as people are saying it’s as good as the major studios, well, I still think they could go that extra bit further. It’ll be a great boost for Blender and bodes well for the future of the app.


Quoted for agreement.

I’m a Max user, but seeing this led me to the Blender site. Seeing the features led me to download and install. I feel like kicking myself for not checking it out sooner.


Next release is 2.46, which will be the version used to produce this. the “Peach” release.
Released on 10th April or shortly after.

Following that, 2.50 and further will indeed some profound changes in interface.


I will chime into this discussion to say that all on the Peach team are very talented, longtime Blenderheads and it shows in this productions. Great job, guys!!! :applause:


I understand you. This is also matter of opinion. I have already seen threads where people where yelling that Ratatouille was really bad and Surfs Up really great and vice versa. So this is really just matter of personal point of view. (For example to me Horton sneak teaser seemed really bad but I understand and do not argue that to someone it may seems like artistic summit :slight_smile: No offence here


it made the main page graphic banner on cgtalk!

yeah!..promote the heck out of it!
and go buy the dvd…great way to learn the app i reckon




I think thats the quote that is really going to make people go crazy for this piece of kit. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for this link. I did not know there are so many new resources to learn Blender. This is really great. Really good help to start to learn Blender.


I want to add that the profound changes won’t necessarily show in 2.50 already, as most of the changes will be under-the-hood. Expect no dramatic changes (a la standard interface), but do expect more from future versions :slight_smile:



Don’t make me laugh. Blender is always getting a user interface overhaul in a future release.

It just never gets one. Because everyone is too busy playing with the source and adding little technical tricks to it.

I estimate based on past track record that it will be 2011 or 2012 before Blender becomes as usable as a normal 3D package.

And I’ll be very, very surprised if a Blender release with a really good UI appears before then.


Been following the progress of this for awhile, can’t wait until it’s done.


I was going to use the example of Ratatouille, but it didn’t seem fair to hold them up to that standard, especially when that film is so lauded as among the best animation to date. I also like Horton and Open Season because the visual direction on those is strong, confident and artistically literate.

What’s on show here looks terrific, but stylistically I don’t find it as exciting as those big studio productions I mentioned. However the mere fact that it would be compared to such efforts is something of a testament to what they’re accomplishing here.


awww ffffudge.


However the mere fact that it would be compared to such efforts is something of a testament to what they’re accomplishing here.

I agree, seeing as this movie was made by a team of only 8 people, compared to a whole lot more at Pixar comparng is a great compliment.
This team are some of the best Blender artists, not the best cg-artists in the world, but the visual quality shows it’s more then possible to create a movie with blender that is (imho) up to par with commercial animation movies, you just need a good crew :wink:

The interface changes wont replace the current one, but will make things easier to change the interface to your liking.
menu’s and headers are being re-designed and a completely new icon set is underway (which is looking really nice)


The Blender UI is not bad, it’s just very different from other CG apps. When you get used to it it actually allows a very fast and efficient workflow, and many native Blenderheads have just as hard a time getting used to other 3D apps as you have getting used to Blender. Especially 3DS Max.


Well said. I can’t handle Maya for modeling. It’s absolutely horrendous.