"Big Buck Bunny" (Open Source Movie Teaser!)


Next Open Source CG film is comming!



I just noticed that the Peach team has posted the trailer for Big Buck Bunny. It seems like more of a teaser to me, but it’s still cool:



WOW! Visually stunning! Man I am super impressed.


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This is killer stuff ! Congrats to the team that worked on it.

My hat is off.


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Holy hell. That is absolutely gorgeous!


I consider this a shot across the bow to all non open source apps.

Great work!
PS NOTE If anyone involved on the projects post this trailer in our galleries I will personally plug it. This is a BIG deal.


Are you serious??? This is blender??? That app has come a LONG way. This is the reason i am ALL about open source! Sure it has taken a while to develop it to this point…but figure in the next few years this free app might be a viable solution against its expensive counterparts.

Congrats to all working on this project, you are doing an amazing job and I can’t wait to watch the full film!


i’ve not seen a news story for the trailer which came out today…so this must be the first thread of it…and boy does the trailer look good!

i’ve ordered the dvd now…can’t wait to see the whole thing…stunning fur on the characters and for a open source program really good looking results from the renderer up there with the big boys in tinsle town imo.

awesome stuff:thumbsup:

here’s the link to the HD res trailers for you



This short is going to make some big waves.


i will say the same thing in the other thread.

This short is going to make some big waves.


this will def put blender ‘‘on the map’’ with this short they went up against the likes of
pixar’s films plus shrek, iceage, open season, over the hedge and alike and so far they look to be ‘in there’ amongst them…and not a ‘also ran’ or have a go versions

looks really great from what i have seen so far and for them to take on the major studios main output type of cg film rather than some offbeat eastern european weird animation and instead go ‘mainstream’ well…they sure are delivering the goods with this.

brilliant stuff…

the dvd will be one to sift thru as that will have the scene files and how to videos as well



Looks great, can’t wait for the movie :slight_smile:


I am seriously impressed with this project. The overall quality is WAY up there with the big studios and the big packages…the animation looks great…the fur is incredible, the lighting is soft and clean. Top honors to this crew…I really didnt realize blender had come this far! Congrats!


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This is simply amazing!!! Such excellent top notch quality done in open source Blender? Cannot wait for final short. Excellent lighting, very soft, unbelievable particles and did you noticed on their blog that Blender even have very strong node compositing features. I am really chocked what these days can be done in Blender.

Also “open source” film idea is very revolutionary. On film DVD there will be all production files of the whole film. Really GREAT.

(PS: Maybe Autodesk should start to reconsider their pricing policy :-))))


Roberto, you want us to post in finished anim gallery or you can grab from the download site ?

I’m not directly involved in Peach, but part of the blender coding team and just spoke with Ton which is Blender leader and Peach Producer.

download from here : http://peach.blender.org/index.php/trailer-page/


Please do post it here:

Finished Work: Animation

And Ill plug it as soon as the thread is up.
And please tell the producer we would LOVE to have him join the thread.


What is the deal with the fruit names?
First was project orange now it’s project peach. What’s next an animated gay midget porno called Project banana?

Nothing against the creators. This is a spectacular film, As was the last one.