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Does anybody comment on the MFA course in animation SVA in New York? Anybody from there to give some advice? Is there another good graduate school in New York?


After looking into the NYC schools, I ended up going to a master’s program elsewhere three years ago. Though it seems like a very good school overall, SVA’s program structure and the student work that I saw didn’t seem to compliment my background (recent compsci undergrad hoping to use that to my advantage). Pratt and NYU were my area favorites, but none of the NY schools seemed particularly strong in character animation - if that’s what you’re going after - and they’re all insanely expensive. Of course, living in NYC may be worth the price if you can afford it.

 Sheridan (Toronto, Canada) seems to be closest top-notch character animation school.

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damn I thought this was a thread for a new apple product.:shrug:


Dude I am also doing Comp Sc!!! What are you going to do after? I was interested in Character Animation!! Are you in Sheridan? You know any school that will fit such background?


I went to SVA’s MFA program. I won’t comment on it here on this thread. If you want my opinion E-mail me directly at the address;


Good for you puppet - the compsci background will come in handy…

I attended SCAD’s MFA program for a little over a year to kick-start my 3D effort, and then left to take an internship=>job. SCAD was ok, but weakened in character animation during the time I attended; there are ups and downs wherever you go… It seems that many of the best animators I’ve met have come from CalArts and Sheridan, but I’ve never attended classes at either school so I can’t really say how receptive they are to tech backgrounds.

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