Bifrost Voxels are declining


Hello,I m a VFX beginner,i have a problem about bifrost.
I use maya2018 bifrost make the water in the bottle,The bottle have animation.If bottle start move ,the bifrost voxels start to reduce,when animation over,Water has been significantly reduced ,i don`t know how to don’t make it less.


My English not very well,sorry,this is translation。:joy:


First you should check that your bottle is modeled in meters. Bifrost does ignore the maya units. If your bottle is 30 units big bifrost assumes its 30 meters even if maya is set to cm.

Second you should give the bottle enough thickness. We use dummy assets not the geo we render for simulation.


i have enough thickness ,but,the water always gradually disappear :disappointed_relieved:


could you show some images.