Bifrost: simulation gets heavier when far from maya grid


Hello everyone, i am currently working with this set that is fairly big and it requires me to simulate bifrost fluid quite far from the maya grid. the simulation took 6 hours in total but as soon as i set the simulation to the middle of the grid it only took 2min. now i’m aware that bifrost is specific to the measurement unit(ive already set the suitable unit).

  • my question would be. is there any proper way to simulate in the situation where the placement is far from the grid(like any setting that i have to tick or untick) rather than moving the whole set to fit the center of the grid for every shot?

thanks in advance!


Sim in the center and create an Alembic or VDB for rendering.


hiya OGLU!

Thanks for taking the time to reply my question, yes i am currently using that method to simulate at the moment. i just wondered if there was a proper way to go around it since in other shots we need to interact with the set and before dragging the set to the center of the grid i just want to know whether it is how other people simulate using bifrost as well.


In this case i would ask in the official support forum.
There are some bifrost developers around.


will try to get some answer there then. thank you very much Oglu! appreciate it :slight_smile: