Bifrost liquid too sticky


I’m new to bifrost liquids (the old ones not the newer procedural graph thing)

i’ve created a bifrost liquid emitting from a mesh (not continuously) inside a cup to fill the cup.

I’ve added meshes for ice cube colliders and animated them to bob up, protruding through the top of the emitter.

The intent is to see the ice cubes float up and be partially visible after the initial motion splash settles. The intent is for the liquid to run off quickly so that the ice is visible as you would see in a drink.

However, even with emitter stickiness to 0 and liquid viscosity set to 0, the liquid is sticking to the tops of my ice cubes like paint and only barely letting go even after several seconds.

What other controls should I consider messing with to allow my ice cubes to be better visible? Is there any way to reduce the friction of the ice cubes so the liquid rolls off more quickly?

Here’s a snap of what it looks like 2 seconds after animating to be partially exposed. Only the upper left ice is visible. There should be 4 of them.