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Bifrost 2019 deserves an extra Thread.
Its a Maya milestone.

Tutorials are here.

And here the download.


Hmmmm…that’s exciting, thanks Oglu.


“One of the key advantages of MPM is that the behavior of simulations remains consistent as resolution increases.”

If this works that’s a great improvement since before we had to struggle with simulation parameters that would completely change the appearance of the sim with higher res.


The Docs are online now.


Some food from Steve.


Tutorials are here.

And here the download.
Maya 2018
Maya 2019


Maxime did a Rigging solver with Bifrost. Most impressive.
Grab it here.


Link to the Area Bifost Forum



A Second video from Steve.

Some cool experiments from TKCM


can this bifrost update? …its all about a node system and usable history stack,

this guy might sum it up maya bifrost 2019.2?

hopes not, i am not getting usability.

below is about using bifrost to creata a sky full of cummulus storm clouds
or not in my case crashed on 1 cloud.

bear in mind the following test
was on bosses maya 2019.1, maybe maya 2019.2, untested yet ,gives 2 turkeys before crash

create a 500m cloud geo in zbrush convert to bifrost aero
and use 16gb ram still climbing crash…unusable computer
no ram needed message cannot press escape maya
why would you send out a product like that.

anyway thinking at 1cm is 1m , 50cm=50m=800000voxel= 1gig ram=20min render is this correct?
a sky is 40000m so what ram do i need 800gb ?

probably scale issue but sums up bifrost
if the scene was not modeled to a scale of 1 centimeter = 1 meter.
tell me before i use tool or better set scale to my scene scale

so thought lets resize scene to scale 1 unit is 1m, resize up zbr cloud to 50m,
error message doesnt rescale boss aero dissappers
// Error: [BIFROST] Could not find objects in path '/'Invalid distance channel ‘density’. Available channels are://

so redo aero now from scratch cloud size 50m scale 1 unit is 1m
wants 16gb plus of ram crash, unusable system.

really what i should do is use turkey shaped clouds, 1 turkey cloud uses 16gb ram to crash the system.

the arnold example uses a disney cloud, single cloud, generated probably in houdini,
unless you can create such a vdb in the new maya bifrost, without this vdb creator
the boss aero shader aint doing nothing, besides you hand sculpting or fluids to mesh.
where is the fluid cloud preset puffy wispy? And a sky is not one cloud.

Please set the default bifrost res so low it doesnt crash the system,
get it to look at system ram, and say this is the
maximum bifrost can allocate and resulting resolution.

otherwise you are picking ram and voxel res out of thin air, crashing and wasting time

why can eon vue and terragen get a decent result with low ram usage but not maya

will the new bifrost update do clouds?
so can bifrost match houdini clouds like this example, (where is the maya cloud tutorial)

an environment system like terragen ( how do they create clouds is this a better system)
is this possible in bifrost?


Thanks for the links Chris, the new Bifrost is really awesome.


now for lots of clouds

this guy might sum it up maya bifrost 2019.2?
i hope not

bifrost needs a ram, and gpu ram use indicator in viewport hud
a double slider green what ram and gpu ram used,
overlaying a red slider what ram and gpu ram will be used if bifrost setting is changed

still better than old so good, but no good if cannot create a sky quick say terragen?

suggest def settings at absolute minimum to avoid crash remember xgen defaults duh.

for clouds say 4000m cube set master voxel size to 4000 gives 1.7million voxels 5gb ram use in maya
at scale 1 unit is 1m


cunnax those block cloud is not a good example on how to work with bifrost.
Its just convertig a geometry into a massive big voxel cloud. Its not a aero simmed one.
And its much to dense.

Bifrost is a node based graph its more or less up to you how you deal with it. Use create ways to compensate your low computer specs. Bifrost is designed for high quality fx.

Most Hhoudini Artists around here does have workstations with 256gb ram and more. If you like todo highend sims you need a monster computer there is no way around it.

If you need a sky like the one from terragen, just go for it. Use the right tool for the job.


Some food from Siggraph.


Jonah did a good breakdown.


Take a look at the youtube channel from Phil.
Really cool experiments.


More Background Info.
A good read.


New version online.

Stability: With over a hundred bugs fixed, Bifrost is the most mature, production-ready release of Bifrost yet.

Performance: Key areas of better performance include faster (2x!) viewport-draw of volumes and that Bifrost graphs take better advantage of Maya’s DG evaluation rules for increased performance

UNC Path Support: Studios using UNC paths on Windows can now load Bifrost (including any compounds) from those paths

Improved UX: Most notably a nicer-looking parameter editor and a new welcome screen in the Graph Editor that provides a better user experience.

Improved Arnold support: Arnold now renders Bifrost adaptive volumes significantly faster, and supports instancing Bifrost volumes.

Improved MPM Cloth Workflow: Constraining MPM cloth is much easier thanks to a new compound.

Visual Programming Toolkit Update: New math nodes, new and better array manipulation and processing nodes are available These include identity, zero, one, e node (natural logarithm base), generic sum_array and array bounds, remove_from_array preserves order, and you can add matrices.

Bifcmd Improvements: bifcmd now properly supports the BIFROST_LIB_CONFIG_FILES environment variable so you can run Bifrost graphs directly on the command line, even for graphs that rely on 3rd party/custom compounds

New Browser Examples: New Bifrost examples to help you get started, ranging from fire to cloth-simulation.

Better Bobs: .bob files (Bifrost’s native object file format) supports reading and writing 2d arrays and removes file size limitations.