Bi - Sang, Seung Ji Baek (3D)


Title: Bi - Sang
Name: Seung Ji Baek
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

visual re-analysis about the life and creation.
i want to show my imagination by artistic presentation.

thank to cgtalk
for opportunity to introduce my work.


for me it’s a perfect example of good creativity and really nice execution


WOW :eek:

There is so much creativity behind your art ! This association between human organs and plants reminds me of Boris Vian (french writter). Only crit for me : there is a moire effect (sp ?) on the “feathering” (small roots) along the spinal chord, that i find distracting to the eye. Maybe too much dirt also, but that depends on your taste.
5 stars is all you deserve :wink:


This is a very symbolic piece. I love the compare/contrast style you incorporated into this picture. Nicely done!


This is just awesome!


This is my kind of art. Beautiful.


very imaginative designs. excellent work. :slight_smile:


Gorgeous work sir. Do you have a website with more of your work? Hell of a way to introduce us to your work. :thumbsup:


Congratulation, very nice images with a pleasant color scheme. They have some kind of feeling like traditional paintings.



beautiful work! very original:thumbsup:


that is a great word ! i like it !:thumbsup:


Hi,man~very good idea~very like ur image~


Original, artistic and beautifull work.


very nice work , there s a real art creation in it and very subtile


Thank a lot~ your interest in my work

and I’m very glad for your praise

i promise the better next work


love it, keep on going like that, great, :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


realy great and inspiering!Thank you for sharing it with us!


man, that is truly great.
Should be front page!


Congrats on your talent and imaginativeness! And nice to see you have found the right tools to express yourself.
First of all: 5 stars of course, but also very minor crits. In the left picture I understand it’s the heart, but I don’t really see the rest of the human body like I can clearly see it on the right, it would be nice (for me!) if I see the correlance between organ and body. Maybe it’s a female? And in the right picture, the spine leads nowhere, it just disappears and loses the visual (and spiritual) connection to it all. I see the brainstem is snaking unto it, but there’s an unanswered question for me.

Btw, the colors you chose are perfect, also in alignment.


WOW, fantastic work!