Beware the Batman Preview


" first look at Cartoon Network’s new CG Batman cartoon, Beware the Batman, isn’t terrible. The CG animation is all right, the fights seems well-choreographed, and the new villains look fun. Although since Batman’s oddly shaped skull indicates he’s apparently a member of Homo Erectus, I’d say Bat-Mite is also involved."


I like the stylization. I always appreciate bending the look. This clip looks like 60% previz and the fight and action scenes seemed to miss a lot of frames somehow. Is this finished work?


The designs might work fine, but the rest of the look and the animation don’t feel finished. Aside from a few nice movements here and there, there’s a stiffness to everything that along with the sterile surfaces and empty spaces just makes it unappealing to me as-is.

Kind of the same problem in the Green Lantern series…I mean, do they render the whole thing in viewport?

What year is this? Tripping The Rift had more look. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s sort of like they were going to cel shade it but didn’t put the ink lines layer on it.


Yeah, I’m a huge animated Batman fan but this new look doesn’t hook me that much.

I’m not disagreeing but this does make me curious. What does everyone think is an acceptable level of quality? Goodness knows I’ve watched my share of low quality Hanna-Barbara cartoons in the past. Doesn’t that translate to CG as well?

My son recently started watching Oscar’s Oasis since it’s on Netflix and I actually find it pretty funny. Cartoons these days tend to not be that funny at all so I was a bit surprised. The quality is not super high, granted way better than Green Lantern, but the stories were good so I don’t think the quality mattered that much. Actually I’d say its a better Road Runner cartoon than the actual CG Road Runner that came out recently. It’s like they got all the gags but missed the bits that actually made Wile E. Coyote funny.


I miss the old Batman: TAS.


all the background elements look like they were made in 1995.


Wow, weird.

Not digging the look of Batman in his suit at all. Who approved that?
I wish they’d move past with the Bruce Timm look of things. It was good hand animated but doesn’t translate well with the modelled characters.


Warning! Incoming game!


As with everything, story is key, and sure the Flintstones and Jetsons and whatever else worked because of the comedy, but I think it’s actually easier to get away with low quality 2D than it is with bare bones 3D. It’s an automatically more “real” place, and once you have the slightest hint of texture or detail in one place, you notice the lack of it everywhere else.

I think it does depend on genre, for every Clone Wars there are plenty of shows like Backyardigans etc. that are very simplistic but the real key is consistency in the look and world.

I think that’s what breaks these in particular, is you have this sort of ambition or reference to much richer content that pops up, but then what you’re left looking at is very sparse, and you just remembered how cool Incredibles was or something else. (which was actually pretty spartan, but had such attention paid to silhouettes, animation, and shot composition, along with subtle surfacing, that it filled in the rest)


I think that is definitely the case. How many Looney Tunes backgrounds were nothing but some squiggly boxes vaguely in the shape of trees or buildings but it worked. On the other hand, Hoodwinked got paned for its low quality visuals even though it was pretty funny.

Edit: I had this long paragraph written but I cut it because it basically just said I agree. :smiley:


Hmm- there is ‘stylization’ to make him look ‘sleek/aerodynamic’ as Batman (i guess). But what the heck does Bruce Wayne look like?!

It hard to picture that rich-handsome-playboy-character if you look like a carnival freak (no offence to carnival freaks intended). Especially if the other characters look a little more ‘normal’ than you do?!
Weird art direction and design choices for sure…


This looks like this was done with just procedural shader materials.

Oh and kids will hate it… they’ll say “Why can’t it look like Arkham Asylum”?
Now in the Arkham games, that is a Batman style that works.


Hm, so I am not crazy, you guys think it looks weird too. I can only think they are trying to use a mix between 1950 and a bauhaus streamline look. I dont see the design and excecution being strong enough to support the vacancy. It looks low quality which has nothing to do with the lack of detail and everything to do with all the other elements that are missing.

Needs some love I reckon.


Well, I watched the trailer and have finally come up with an opinion…

This looks unfinished. Yeah yeah, sue me for repeating what everyone else has said. But I personally found the movements to be beyond choppy, the backgrounds like a PS1 game and just unapealing as a whole.

Oh, and Batman’s chin on display here could easily give Jay Leno’s a run for its money.


Yes, like when a 2D cartoon is converted into a 3D game and it just looks bad.


And any Batman, is better than no Batman… arguably… (please, no one throw the Batman & Robin film in my face, thats the one instance where no Batman is better than any Batman)

I’m so glad I don’t have any access to Cartoon Network otherwise I’d just watch cartoons and animated shows all day.

I understand what people’s objections to the visual look is, but I think it looks ok. I think that, with anything, there comes a point where you have to take a drastic direction change to an existing ip otherwise, you’re just making a reboot of a reboot.


That is pretty much one of the worst character designs I have ever seen in my life. Batman looks like some alien.


I declare a ban on the use of fractals. Fight scene looked fun, car scenes looked horrible.


It really is. Batman is supposed to be foreboding and terrifying. He looks odd and bug-ish. I’m all for taking design risks but this is plain ugly.

I thought cg tv shows were looking better and better, this seems to be quite a step back.


“This is why Superman works alone.” :twisted: lol

Oh I’m sorry… did that hurt? lol

No no… when it looks this bad? Better to have no Batman for 15 years.