Beveling an oil tank primitive


So I have an Oil Tank primitive that I’ve converted to polygons. When I go to bevel the outer edge, the wall separates from the top and bottom parts.

How do I get this to bevel as expected?


You need to run the optimize command first. For some reason Cinema doesn’t automatically weld caps when you make primitives or nurbs editable.


I’ve always just taken this fact in stride, but now that it’s brought up, it is a rather odd default behavior for collapsing oil tanks and cylinders.

In fact, after using C4D for 15+ years, I can’t really think of a time I didn’t have to optimize the vertices to weld the object as one.

Same annoying thing for collapsing Extrusions or sweeps… Anything with a cap, really.

Wonder if holding Alt or something during a collapse will optimize for you?


This is due to the internal representation of the cylinder and oil tank primitives. It is technically
much more easy to generate the points where the caps and the “coat” meat twice rather
than reusing the points that have already been created while either of them has been

But I must agree, I’ve almost never needed the caps not connected to the rest of the body.
There are a bunch of scripts that do converting and optimizing in one step, but having a
built-in command to do so would be better. Making it the default behavior for the “make
editable” command, but holding shift will not optimize, or something like this. :slight_smile:



you can also use the connect modifier to collapse the object. it is a little bit faster, as
it is only one step, while connect & delete and optimize are two.


@littledevil: Create “Connect Object” and then “Make Editable” is also two steps, or am I
missunderstanding the work-flow? :slight_smile:


connect & delete does not (point) optimize your mesh. but you are right, an oil tank
primitive does not return multiple objects on collapsing the object, so this does only
apply to the nurbs caps scenario.

however, i bet i am still a bit faster with the connect object :wink:

  1. collapse shortcut, point mode(mouse with default keybinds), context menu(mouse), optimize


  1. alt + connect object(mouse), collapse shortcut


You can strip the “Points Mode” from the equation. :slight_smile: I agree, this can indeen be faster
when having problems navigating to the “Optimize” command, and especially when the
generator produces more than one object (like the ExtrudeNURBS for instance).

Nice catch!


Even easier:

download script –

and reassign the C hotkey to it.

Make editable and optimize in one keystroke.


Export to ZBrush, dyamesh at 2000 resolution, re-import 4 million poly mesh.
That ought to do it.


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