bevel generator plugin request


beveling poligonsurfaces is a very complicated mathematical task.
therefor I dont want to be to rude. any development is good. I just was anojed by the marketing talk… the propably best bevel in the industry…
well theese where my results:

the geometry results from a bevel. if you convert the plane to a n-goone, the bevel works just fine.

I understand the differents between the definitions of polys and n-goons. but I would love to have a button to switch on “edges on plain surfaces can be moved around by the bevel”
or “the bevel is allowed to make new polys on the plain surface”
that way I would not have to change all flat surfaces into n-goones.
that might work well for your own modelling workflow, but if you have to bevel tesselated construction material. well it might be a bit cumbersome.

best regards


sorry but no way :curious:


Your work is most appreciated! Our studio in NY uses ChamferMaker quite frequently, and as much as I’m glad Maxon brought us improved bevels, your plugin in indispensable. Thanks for the updates!


I think there isn’t much wrong with the marketing, this bevel is definitely at the top of the charts in comparison to the other methods, as it succeeds more often where other fail. (This doesn’t mean that it can’t still fail.)
I think for some of you the meshes you showed you are kind of asking for miracles.

I’ve said this every time people ask for bevels.

A new bevel tool doesn’t solve the need to do work, it simply means that it can help out.
So yes, you may need to prep the model still, but at least after you prep the model you can get a nice bevel…rather than garbage.


you are right. I also think that there is no bevel tool that works in all circumstances.

the thing that makes me wonder is:
N-goon is a definition thing. I define tris and quads to be one. but the tris and quads are just blendet out but they are still there.

if I don’t define them as an n-goone the bevel does not work.
In the moment I define them as a n-goone the tool works. (with all the quads and tris in there just hidden)

can’t there be a button: “pretend it was a n-goon”?

best regards


Thanks in advance for any upgrade to R15 and the past upgrades.



Any news on the state of ChamferMaker for R15?


Hi Rui,

Yes, I have good news. I have a working version for R15.
I just wanted to go the extra mile and expose the rest of the new bevel tool settings.

I posted an early screenshot via my twitter account a day ago.

The new Chamfer Maker will have a mode called R15 that exposes all of the settings of the new bevel tool while the old bevel tool settings (Convex, Concave, etc.) will be emulated with the new bevel tool as well as possible so that scenes saved in earlier versions of C4D can be opened with the R15 plugin.

Now, that said, since the new bevel tool operates differently to the old bevel tool (particular the triangulation of inserted geometry, as you are no doubt aware) the R15 version of Chamfer Maker will reflect that. Also the Variance parameter is gone (the paramater that most closely resembles variance is tension in the new tool but the offsets aren’t randomized for tension).

Maybe I will insert my own little routine for randomizing offsets at a later time but that’s the current plan.

I should be done in about a day or two.


seriously amazing. thank you so mutch!


Excellent news, thank you!!


Sounds fantastic!!!


Thanks, Andre! Looking forward to it.


Great news, Andre :slight_smile:
Can’t wait!!!
In the meanwhile, I will go on coding my latest plugin :slight_smile:

Rui Batista


Thanks Andre, sounds like your implementation covers all bases… very much appreciated.

Adding your own routine to keep the ability to randomise offsets would be great.



Thanks, Andre! Really good news…


Ok, I uploaded a version for R15 to a new github repo (there were too many changes to keep the code base working with all versions of C4D).

You can find the repo (and the source) at

You can find the actual compiled plugin at

(click “View Raw” on that page to download the ZIP)

I didn’t have time to test much, and I also wanted to do a video showcasing the changes but as I do have a LASIK operation tomorrow and whatever they put into my eyes made it really hard to focus on the screen I’ll have to do the video at a later time.

Well there ya go. Enjoy.


oh my god…i was so happy u just update chamfermaker but adding the r15 bevel stuff…thank you so mutch!


Very nice update with the additional R15 type and options :slight_smile:

Thanks - well done !


Thank you very much, Andre.
I hope all goes well with your LASIK procedure.
All the best,

Rui Batista


thx andre!
great work…very appreciated!
cheerz rob