bevel generator plugin request


hi there, im so glad maxon improved bevel in r15. works like a dream. but sometimes i dont want to have a fixed bevel. want it to be more flexible. i used to work with chamfermaker plugin since years; daily. unfortunately it doesnt work anymore with r15. so if any dev is ready to work on a bevel generator for r15 with all of its nice bevel function (think of the topology tab) you have my money fore sure! and im sure others will love that too :bowdown:


Ouch, I just checked here when I saw this post… can I cry now?:sad:
I have so many custom/xpresso semi-parametric objects that I have built during years and now they are broken.
I guess I have to stick with R14 and put R15 on the shelf. :argh:
I add my voice as well, it is so important to have a bevel generator that I´m willing to pay too.



That really is pants. I too love using Chamfermaker and will really miss it. Hopefullly the developer, André Berg I believe will be able to update the plug in, as it has many unique and advantageous functions.

The developer has previously released V12 and V14 versions so hopefully if we are patient and understanding of any other workload they have a new V15 version will be released, In the meantime we will have to work around the problem.


What I really miss are the chamfer and loop tools available in MAX. Some one would do well if they could bring these features into C4D.

Check out Quad Chamfer.

2010 Graphite modeling tools


Not sure about the loop tools, but the fixed Bevel tool in R15 seems to give the same results as the start of that video anyway, as does the Bevel in Maya. Up to R15 though the Bevel in C4D was pretty much useless as far as I can tell. I’m not really a poly modeler though so I could be wrong, but it never seemed to work for me, I’d often export even simple meshes to Maya to do it there. I guess in R15 now I don’t have to.



I think you’re right. I also think that if you choose Bevel Mode>Solid you get essentially the same functionality as Chamfermaker.


Whats nice about chamfermaker is that it is non destructive. You can add or remove the bevels with a single click, and fine tune them as needed. Also the ability to restrict the edges to selections, polys etc was very powerful.

Getting stuck with a destructive method of beveling is not good.


Does solid chamfer still work with R15? This plugin has a generator object.


No, that was the OP’s issue :smiley:


I thought solid chamfer and chamfermaker are 2 different plugins?


Ok, solid chamfer is still working in R15 and it has a generator object… non-destructive like chamfermaker. You can get a demo here:


Ah, yes, sorry…early morning post. :smiley: Chamfer/Chamfer and I’m lost :smiley:


i know solid chamfer and own a copy but noticed that the generator is pretty slow. specially when you use more of them in a big scene.


OMG, Chamfermaker doesn’t work on R15?? That’s one of the plugins I most use, it’s absolutely superb for non-destructing bevels.

One vote more for upgrading Chamfermaker to R15. Ready to pay for it.


Hey guys,

I am the guy who updated the original plugin so it works with R12 through R14.

I will be looking into getting it updated for R15 once I get ahold of the SDK docs for R15. I don’t even have access to R15 yet so it can be a while but I will try.

I opened a bug report at my source code repository for the Chamfer Maker plugin regarding this issue.
You can check back there for progress and you can also follow me on twitter if you want.

bug report:
twitter: @bergmedia




Hi André

Thanks for your great plugin. We look forward to using it again in the future.


sdk’s are up.


great, now lets get it on andre :drool: …thanks for updating this plugin. do you have a donation page btw? …or i pay u one beer next time in erlangen :beer:


yes Andre, even though the new bevel is very nice, it would be great to get an v15 update of your plugin, being a generator, even if the update cost a bit,to cover your work.



Thanks for the support. I’ve been asked for a donations page etc. I feel it wouldn’t be right for me to be asking for money for this plugin - voluntarily or otherwise.

If anything raise a glas to Antosha Marchenko, and if you wanna help me out maybe bookmark+share my new site ( and visit its blog section every now and then where I will be posting more freebies, scripts, settings, presets etc. in the future. 
That'd be mighty appreciated. 

With that out if the way, I've taken a quick look at the new SDK and found the issue.
From my github issues page: 

Chamfer Maker uses SendModellingCommand internally which instruments the C4D internal bevel tool by setting its options and executing it. However, as stated previously, the bevel tool was replaced with a new version. Trouble is, the R15 SDK in its current form still includes the interface for the old incarnation of the bevel tool. So SendModellingCommand accepts the settings as if it were the old bevelling tool but then just fails as it tries to execute the new tool. The effect is that no modified geometry is returned effectively killing all edges.

  I posted a topic in MAXON's dev forums asking for how to properly access the new bevel tool with SendModellingCommand.

  Btw, that's also why AMa_ParallelMode still works. This is only relevant if Chamfer Maker is put under a HyperNURBS though.