Betty, Alex Kozhanov (3D)


Title: Betty
Name: Alex Kozhanov
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop, ZBrush

Artwork is tribute to H.R. Giger.
Modeling, rendering, texturing – Zbrush 4, and make a post production on Photoshop CS3.
Please look at the hi-res image for a larger view of my artwork.
Critique are very welcome. Thanks


Good work!


It would be extra nice to see what you did in zBrush to better understand. Very cool.


i like all your giger art alot and this one is nice too. but i have one critic. the base shapes of your works
are to simple and looks way to much like cg base geometry. it could look stunning if you would use more advanced geometry. a good example reference is the spaceship on lv426 in alien from giger itself. i know the shape is simple, but it looks like it has a function, spaceship in this case. your current image miss such a function, its just a simple shape. i hope you know what i mean. :wink: but great work and i like how the surfaces looks.


Yep i agrea with Kzin…Hey can you try add som original objects with hight specularity? …That mast by cool


I see also a very basic forms there and over that built in a kind of detailed forms done in zbrush?
over the very basic shapes
seems like the details were done using a document in zbrush and using 2.5D brushes and maybe some subtools
also I can see that the lighting is very flat, typical of a zbrush render


I agree with you and I think for balance of large forms and fine details.


I love your work. :bowdown:
Could you make some tutorial? That would be great :buttrock:


great stuff! i love it!


Nice image dude. Congrats! :wink:


great detail,fantastic rendering^^***********


I have inspected your images and the explanations you gave of how you build them in Zbrush forum but… still there remains a ‘how’… :rolleyes:

Really, as some people said above the overall shapes are too non-detailed but, still, the details on textures convey a feel of being actual geometric details. And there lies mainly the whole works ‘magic’ I think… It would be really nice to show in a tutorial how you achieve them.

I do understand your wanting to keep some ‘secrets’ maybe but… believe me no one can steal your inspiration… even if you reveal all your ‘secrets’. Others may take the technique and make something of their own. Your personal inspiration will stay always yours :slight_smile:

Btw… the general atmosphere of the image conveys very successfully the sense of awe the vastness of universe awakens.

Very nice works, no doubt, despite their being inspired heavily from Giger’s style. You may try to go your way, however… there could appear very interesting views.


Interesting work, i like the grand scale feel to it…


great! :smiley: :smiley:


I’m not sure why everyone is pressing you for your techniques:shrug:and complaining about the simple shapes? Your work is a strong example showing details OVER form and I think you have done a successful job at it. I think this piece stands out from the majority of your works. I really get an “otherworldy” feeling when looking at this image and that I love. This thing has a good sense of scale and in my eyes looks to be many miles big. Imagine a small human built spaceship accidentally capturing an image of something like this and never being seen again. It truly would make us feel small and non-advanced in the universal scope. Good work.


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