Better Sharpen Filter Plugin


Are there better (free) sharpen filters available for photoshop? When using the standard one I get jaggies way to easy.

Thanks in advance


You may want to concider using the median plugin in conjunction. I’m not sure how experienced you are with the program, nor how much sharpening you’re doing, but if you haven’t tried median, give it a shot. Also if you wan’t to do more advanced, try doing it with a new layer that has the high pass filter applied, if you’re not framiliar with this technique, check out and . Alot more flexibility this way, since it’s a new layer instead.


You only get jaggies if you have anti-aliased lines in your images, because sharpening will have a negative effect on anti-alias. This is not only a problem with any photoshop sharpening technique but with every sharpening plugin.

If you want to try sharpening plugins, then you might consider these two;

a) FocusMagic; good quality, easy to use, fast and you can avoid in general strong halos
b) FocalBlade; best product that I know of. Not as easy to use as Focusmagic and it will take you a lot more time to sharpen large amounts of images. Strengths; very good in avoiding halos and avoiding the sharpening of noise. Works better than any Photoshop technique you can think of because of its own dedicated algorythms.


try using unsharp mask in small doses


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