better integration of ellements on a background


The keylight did his work well to pull off the greenscreen but now I want a better integration of the persons on the background, they seem too much to be cut out. What is the best method to eliminate this effect? Are there special nodes delivered with shake which do exactly that?

Thanks once again!


To achieve better integration with backround plates keyed out footage generally needs to have grain added and possibly some blur. Depending on the situation shadows and reflections need to be added. Scale is and camera angles are also very important. If it was shot with out the camera angles damn near exact then you might be SOL. Include more details about your pariticular shot if you want a more specific answer.



Do you have a still frame that we could possibly take a look at?



you can see about using an edge detect to isolate the edge and work primarily with that on it’s own layer to better integrate it into the backgrounds. if you do not have access to a good edge detect macro you can always isolate the matte from the bluescreen key and pull it tighter, invert it, and subtract it from the original to give yourself an edge matte to work with.

these things are all in the eye and how you can tweak all the little things to get it to look just right. there is no set way to do it, just do whatever you can to create the shot.


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