Better idea for this cartoon eye/head rig?


I’ve built up a cartoony suitcase character for a client in 3DS Max. The rig and skinning’s pretty much done and has worked well but there’s one part with regards to his eyes that’s bugging me after testing and I was wondering if anyone had any better ideas on how to do it.

So here’s the character:

The main body is skinned to 3 bones. Almost all of the mouth is skinned to the second bone so that it doesn’t warp strangely by combining the movement with the lip-syncing.
The eyes are both just directly linked to the top bone.

What this means is that while bending the second bone works fine:

However, bending the head bone (to give the whole body a curve rather than just the base) move the eyes into weird positions:

I’ve tried attaching the eyes using an attachment constraint instead of linking to the bone but that just means that they shift around bizarrely and independently instead.

I don’t have a specific question for how to fix that issue, or even how best it should look in the end, but I was just wondering if anyone had some better rigging ideas that might come out a bit better for the eyes.


There was this discussion a while back about eyes on a stretchy rig. I don’t know if it’d help in this particular situation but maybe it could give you some ideas:



In my opinion the mouth should really be part of the head, so it should be skinned to the head joint instead of the middle joint. Maybe the eyes wouldn’t look so out of shape if the mouth moved with the head joint?

Cactus Dan


Just a thought but, why not skin a spacewarp ffd. Put the case incl. eyes in there and skin the ffd instead of the case. This way the eyes stay in place and get deformed evenly with the case.


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