Best Webdesign and Flash Sites?


I like

But I would really apreciate if you guys post your favorite ones.


These are jus some of the best ones i seen and my fav:thumbsup: : (tho i did like the previous version of this site better!)



personally… (where grafiti meets design) (always something different to watch)

one which i havent seen online for a LONG time… .but i used to love going there every few weeks to see a new intro… maybe some people mite remember the site :slight_smile:


#4 [check out the nu steppa vid, i downloaded it just for the song :p] [some amazing work on this site] [although i also prefer their older stuff]

there’s always some really cool stuff posted on, it’s where i get most of my inspiration… :slight_smile:



Anyone know the URL to a site where thet rate flash sites? I lost the link sometime ago.

#6 used to…not sure about anyone else… :slight_smile:

the big flash boom has seemed to have died down nowadays…



oh, please, please let it be true :applause:


Yes it’s true. But I was quite fond of the Boom :sad:


Not to digress, but I will: several years ago I was a big fan of developing Flash sites. During that time, whenever I got a freelance gig, I would encourage the client to go with Flash. They had no problem agreeing, because visually Flash is…well…it’s just Flashy and Flashy stuff sales.

Now with the passage of time, my opinion has changed. For me, non-Flash sites are simply easier to build and easier to maintain. Even when I surf the net, I have a tendency to hit the “back” button when I accidentally enter a Flash site. All too often I’m confronted with confusing navigation and download times (albeit a good designer can eliminate these problems); however, there’s something univiting about a Flash site. Out of all the sites that I revisit on a regular basis, non are Flash.

I’m not stating that Flash is entirely a bad tool. In fact, I love some of the animations being produced with it, like Camp Chaos, etc.

Anyhow, those are my thoughts…hopefully I won’t get flamed.


Ah, I think if well used, flash is amazing.

I don´t use it for all the site, though, I use it as a focal point, for animations, and movement.
I think you must plan well before just building an entire site with flash, because as you said, it sometimes is time consuming and difficult to navigate.
But for the right customer and the right people, why not to use it?


yeah…in recent years people seem to have gone from using a 100% flash site to using html (or whatever applicable variant) and embedding flash onto that…i tend to stay away from flash now unless i really need to use it…

i also fondly remember when flash hit the bigtime…but it’s dwindled like all things that are overused without any specific need…

and what ever happened to director…??? i never hear about it anymore…



Ahhhhhhhh… People bashing flash again… Make them stop… :cry:


I used Flash a looot before. But nowadays I stick to using html instead of Flash for web designing. That way I won’t have to worry that my visitors don’t have the Flash plugin.


don’t get me wrong…flash can be awesome…but with my technical abilities in flash, and actionScript mainly, it’s a lot easier for me to make html websites…

the last flash thing i made was a dynamic news scroller…i was pretty impressed with it…but i still embedded it into an html base… :slight_smile:


#15 (move mouse over the anime guy, you will be amazeeeee)


There we go.


i like this site for flash dev:

and usually have a look at when inspiration is needed.

when im bored this is good fun:

and i really dig this guys work:

I once visited a flash site that completely took over the screen and it acted like your desktop, but i cant remember the addy, that was very cool.



Loved the ‘who is we’ site, it was a real revelation. I haven’t enjoyed a site like that in a long time :). It’s just my sense of humour.

I guess we have all had a bit of an overload concerning long noisy intros. I also noticed pretty quickly that many designers seem to go banannas on tiny text. My two monitors are TFT at res 1280x1024 so a lot of copy is illedgable.

If you are surfing for a reason and not just for fun I reckon a direct site is the best way to go. My site is in bad need of a reconstruction so this thread is really usefull. I also decided to go with html/flash imbedded because I love the freedom flash offers.

Thanx for the links,… I bookmarked most of them :thumbsup:.
Greetings Kanga.

these are good portal sites for web pages


Hey, that little anime guy reminds me of that game Black and White.
I occasionally visit, its more of a site listing well designed webpages
than it is one about flash though.