Best way to UV unwrap bottle


Probably another one for Nose!

I want to add some little displacement details to a bottle, and I’m wondering how best to unwrap it, given that it has outside and inside surfaces. I only need the details to go on the outside surface, specifically the circle of ridges on the bottom of the bottle that give it some grip and the series of small semi circular bumps near the base that identify the bottle type.

I know I could model some of this, but I want to learn how best to do it with UV Mapping and displacement.


First of all, you can have the bottle split in 2. Inside and outside. Glass will work on separate objects. That’s how we do glass - liquid interaction.
Then just Unwrap the outer.
In my example I used the UV Peeler since my bottle has mostly quads. For the base polygons I just selected them in the Viewport and did a frontal projection from the bottom view.


I never knew that tool existed, thanks Nose. I have successfully split my glass into inner and outer parts and unwrapped the outer using the UV Peeler, and made another island for the base of the bottle!

Very slowly getting better at this UV malarkey.


the peeler is a fantastic tool for unwrapping cylindrical quads, and finds the continuity automatically.
It can be deceiving sometimes when you have complex poles and it doesn’t give you what you expect… but that’s because you may expect too much :slight_smile:


and here’s the appropriate CV tutorial:


THere’s a lot more too it than I realised.


Nose, would the UV Peeler be a good choice for unwrapping a square sided bottle, like a Jack Daniels?


As long as your polys are quads without complex poles, it should be ok for most meshes, including a Jack Daniels style bottle. (Complex pole: a point that has more than 4 edges connected to it)
If you set the Uniformity to 0%, then you will have no distortion, but may have a seam if you are using a noise or something that repeats over the UV tile. If you set uniformity to 100% then you won’t have a seam, but you will have distortion. So depending on what you’re UV projecting, use the appropriate setting.
Tell me if you need more details.



Thanks a bunch Nose


Slightly off-topic but Unfold3D is just brilliant. It’s €15 a month for 12 months, rent-to-own and is amazing if you UV unwrap on a regular basis. Can’t recommend it highly enough.


Or for a one-time cost, 3D coat has some of the best UV tools around.

I admit though, that now I understand how to unstitch where I want my seams, I can do more of my UV work in C4D than I used to, using unstitch UV seams, frontal projection and one of the relax options.

It’s when you get into lots of handles and holes in a mesh (holes that go all the way through, connected) things won’t work well in the C4D tools. But for most day-to-day stuff, C4D is working decently.