Best way to make surfaces seem seperate??


hello :smiley:

I started modeling a car yesterday and came up with a problem…
i modeled the car in one piece and was planning on splitting them all when the time came
I’ve tryed several aproaches like splitting poly’s from the model and adding knifecuts to the ends of the parts and then adding thickness
but i can’t seem to make the surfaces like the hood and the door blend in nicely.
so i thought i’d try extruding at the ends to give the idea that the parts were seperate but that wasnt what i was looking for

I hope someone can help me cause i really want to finish my car :slight_smile:
here is a picture of the model and wireframe

thanks alot in advance…


Hi Bryz-I hate doing cars-they drive me nuts! but when I did mine, this is how I did,
for eg, the door.

1 make sure the surface is exactly the shape you want(looks like you have)
and make sure you have a row of polys reasonably close to either side of the door seam

2 select polys of door

3 go edit surface-seperate

4 hide the rest of the car, and , in edge mode do a ‘-’ extrude around the door edges
(assuming you have edge extrude, otherwise you can copy-paste points then bridge)

5 unhide the car, then hide the door and do a similar edge extrude around the door cavity

6 that should do it- you might need to do some tightening of the polys in the corners
as they tend to slacken alittle

I’m no master at cars, and there might be a better way- hope it helps


You will have to make some more edges along your split lines. The points have to be packed
closer around the corner, otherwise you will get round corners. BTW good start.



if you want to open your door later, you’ll have to make the doors solid, if not, select the edge that divides door and the rest of the car with the edge tool (yeah, the one you never use, next to the polygon and point tool). press ‘d’ for extrusion and extrude it using values you type in (don’t use your mouse; try a small bevel value (1-2) and a bigger offset value (5-7)).
Make sure it extrudes inwards, if not, while still having the edge selected, goto “structure” (-menu) and use “invert normals”. Then it extrudes inside the car.


Thank you both so much :slight_smile:
I have edge extrude and havent tried it yet, so i hope this is gonna work
i’ll try it the moment i get back from work today

thank’s a whole bunch…


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