Best Way to create a curve?


Just wondering if this is the best way to create and name a curve in VBscript, I can’t seem to find anything else.

CreateCurve 1, 0, "(1,2,3),(4,5,6),(7,8,3)",FALSE, LinearNonInterpolated 
SetValue LinearNonInterpolated & ".Name", "mycurve"


nurbs curves have a set method that can populate the primitive for you.
It’s one of the very few methods of that kind (creating geo basically) that surprisingly enough works in an operator too, so you can dynamically build curves and subcurves with it.
Beside being much more legible and faster than some other ways to do it.

It’s filed under the methods of nurbscurveslist in the docs.

Of course like any topological operations, if you use it from a run-once script it will have to be on a frozen curve primitive. In Op form that’s obviously not necessary.


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