Best Way? Silo export to blender


What is the best way to export objects from Silo to blender?

I tried *.obj files. Is it better to export all objects as one object,
or should I use hundreds of files for all objects?
Is it possible to group objects and get them grouped in blender?

What would be the best way?


If you have grouped them in Silo you can import them into Blender as an obj but you will have to change the default option from Split to Keep Vert Order and put a check mark in Poly groups see the attached screen shot


Thank you. Now I see where I can change the import parameters.
But: I made 8 Silo-groups, but in blender I get one item in outliner
with one Vertex Groups and these groups are not my Silo-groups,
but every single object.
I played a little with the import parameters and I think I can use
some of them, but without grouping.