Best Video card


Since i am still stuck with nvidia Geforce mx440 … damm i hate this card , i am going to buy a new one , what is the best card at the moment in nvidia series (generaly i need it to handle wery hight poly things in modeling )


The best what? Performance? Bang-for-your-buck? Value?

The best performance in Nvidia for Pro3D belongs to the QuadroFX family:

You may have to take a second mortgage and sell your first born to afford one, however.


The best performance with nvidia is actually the geforce 6800 ultra, it beats the quadro by a large margin.


No it dosen’t…the 6800 scores in between a quadro 500 and 700 on Specview and SpecMaya.


Bang for Buck id say the GT version of 6800.


6800 is a good card, I have one, plays doom 3 great. And is pretty good all around card.


I would check out the ATI X800 XT it is cheaper than the nvidia 6800 but runs on par with it, if not better.

Just my two cents.


If your just looking for a great poly-pushing card with no need for gamer performance… I’d go for a Quadro 980XGL 128. I saw a new one (sealed box) about 3 weeks ago on on ebay (power-seller 99.8% rating) for around $200. They’re still about $500 retail, but one hell of a poly-pusher.


Quadro FX 4400 512MB GDD3


What about realworld speed, not manufactured benchmarks to appease the guys that want to sell them?

Notice how none of the hardware review sites ever pit the consumer cards against the workstation cards? If they did then nvidia/ati would never send them another review unit ever again. Stability stopped being an issue with consumer cards years ago.

This thread comes up once a month. Every month I ask someone to actually show me that an expensive card is any faster or performs better than a consumer card and every month no one can.


Your giving me a site that is run by a 22 year old “freelance” guy… ok…Why don’t you just run a specview benchmark and compare it to the quadro cards on the site…since spec is an accepted industry standard benchmark tool.

I do all my in house testing using specview and specmaya, and have real world experience with every card out there except 3dlabs…I can’t release numbers since I have an nda…but I can tell you to try it yourself and give my opinion.

If you lack the income to get a quadro card and test it yourself…then there is nothing I can do about that, but anyone would have to be a fool to believe the crap your telling, over nvidia, experianced TD’s and Spec performance benchmarks.


X800 XT $ 545

6800 GT $ $388


Whats wrong with a 22 year old freelance guy? Is it the young part or the freelance part which scares you?

I certainly dont lack the funds to buy a quadro card, instead I have the intelligence not to buy one.

So once again, please provide any info to back yourself up. I have. You haven’t.


Myself along with many others have submitted bench data to 3DFLUFF
It’s quite a valid place for workstation performace comparrisons.


Just walk through any reputable animation studio…


Test your machine against these.


The problem with using bench marks that aren’t approved by alias, or your program maker, is that they can be unreliable…and give different scores each time.

Spec is the industry standard, that’s why nvidia post there bechmarks for the card on the site, for people who know what there talking about.


And I’ll find:


Not really…actually you will find alot of very smart people that have a passion for their craft, and know not to compromise their tools…such as a video card.


The first link doesnt show any modern consumer cards and… the second link doesnt show any consumer cards. Just like all the other tests which are too scared to put them head to head.

How about a little bit of info. Nvidia and ati continue to help alias so long as they promote and recommend their more expensive cards. So alias recommend and make their benchmarks run well on workstation cards. Would you argue against that? perhaps its too far fetched?

Trusting a spec benchmark is like trusting an apple benchmark.


Yea…it’s all a big conspiracy to you isn’t it. Don’t trust any company that tries to help the 3d community. Give me a break.

It’s laughable…