Best Value Graphics Cards for Redshift Currently on the Market



What Graphics Cards do people recommend for running fast renders with Redshift that are currently on the market ? For best value and also stability?

I’ve heard that NVidia Cards are best - and in general we’re always told get the professional ones - which are 2 or 3 times more expensive than Games Cards.

In the past I’ve seen people running really fast renders with Octane with a few fairly cheap - in comparison - graphics cards that could compete with professional cards 2 or 3 times the price … but it it safer just to go with the most expensive NVidia Cards ?


2070 super
2080 super

The most expensive one of these you can afford


The gaming cards are faster, but you need to make sure you have a good amount of GPU memory, otherwise the card can’t load the data, that’s one of the main reasons to get the Quadro/Tesla cards since they offer more memory.


The way to go for gpu rendering is GeForce gpus. They offer much more rendering power compared to “professional” gpus of the same cost. Gpu rendering is basically a FP32 (single precision) computation, so a pro gpu has nothing to offer in specific.

The question here is, how many gpus do you want, what’s the budget in total, and what are the rest of your rig’s parts. You’ll need an appropriate motherboard, and depending on the number of gpus, a high Wattage psu.
Another issue is, in case of more than 2 gpus, the cooling of the gpus. If multiple gpus are close to eachother, there isn’t much room for them to “breathe”. And for more than two gpus, thickness must be taken into account, ex. with gpus thicker than dual slot, most motherboards won’t be appropriate due to slot configuration.


I’m trying to choose from 2070 super versus 1080ti. Whilst the 2070 super is a newer one, the 1080ti has 3 extra gb of ram.


Quick googling seems to show that Reshift supports RTX hardware acceleration, so the 20x (Turing) series should have a substantial advantage. I would suggest finding some benchmarks comparing RTX on/off in the app and extrapolate for your personal use.