Best technique/software to achieve a 3d-printed "stair-step" look on geometry?


I’m working on a character with 3d-printed parts, and I’d like to emphasise the layered texture of it - the same effect that you see here:

However, I want to be flexible with regards to the orientation of it, so that it can be changed easily according to direction, etc. Sculpting in the individual layers is out of the question. Ideally, it would be a simple operation I can do to any arbitrary base shape.
I only post because I can’t think of a piece of software that does anything like this, without distortion from the shape of the model. You would need to convert the geometry to a voxel grid, and then smooth only in two axes, or something.

Does anyone have any ideas? Would there even be a way to use 3d-printing software to slice up a model, and then export that back out?
Thanks very much.