Best Running Linux for Shake



Wich Linux compilation you (Aneks or Hugh would probably know) would recommend as better “understanding” with Shake? Perhaps people would say 2 or 3 options. I would like to hear wich is most common used.

Usually, professionally saying, wich one is most common?



In this country a lot of folks are OSX based so I havn’t had too much time on linux. But everyone is telling me Red Hat ?! I know some other folks are using other builds but I am bit weak linux knowledge wise :frowning:



Honestly I’d say it does not matter at all.
Shake runs fine on (almost) any distro. Red Head, SuSE, Ubuntu. These are the most popular distros. Pick any. You can learn the basics on each. The Desktop (KDE/gnome) is mostly self-explaining. Foundations and terminal knowledge can be obtained using any of the above.



Thanks Aneks. Btw, take a look on your web site. I guess there are some links broken.

Kai01W, wich one do you use and wich desktop?



I have used it at companies with Debian, Gentoo, Suse, Redhat, Mandrake, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and I’m sure a few others that just aren’t coming to mind right this second.

As long as you are using an Nvidia card and have the 3d accellerated drivers installed, then your fine. If you have an Ati card, then your screwed because their hardware opengl drivers under linux suck.


I saw your question on the maya forum and the answer is the same. You just have to install a few extra libraries to get Maya to work which is all outlined in the manual. Also RPM support for different linuxes that don’t include it by default.


I used in on suse and Ubuntu. both KDE and gnome.
If you do want to use maya too, I’d suggest rpm base distros such as red hat, fedora core or suse even though its absolutely possible (though less simple) to install it on other distros too.

I’m still looking for the perfect desktop when working with maya on linux. The windows losing focus is really getting on my nerves (i know there are workarounds but they are not perfect). This is not an issue with shake though.



Right now your’re running under wich one (suse or Ubuntu) Wich one has been working better for you, KDE or Gnome?

I’ve tried Fedora with the Live CD, just to know how it would behave but it’s only in text mode. I took the Live with KDE but I can’t get in the GUI mode. DO you know why and how do I get it? Btw, I’m using the Live from Fedora.



gui won’t load usually because it isn’t autodetecting the right drivers for your video card.

As for the window focusing. KDE includes many different ways to configure that. Many are based on personal preference. Also you need to turn on the option that keeps all the children windows above the parent. That way when you bring up a floating window and then click on the main window, the floater doesn’t go into the background.


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