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Gold bangles

Designer rope offices wear bangles- Nowadays mostly working women cannot wear heavy gold bangles. Nothing to worry because for them the designer rope office wears bangles are the perfect choice as it is lightweight and can go with every outfit. These are the most trendy gold bangles and are in high demand. This will cost you Rs 11000 to Rs 13500. website: a1jewellers

Gold bracelet

Classic gold bracelet with a heart shape- These bracelets are suited for both women and girls. It is an ideal gold bracelet for all types of occasion and enhances your look with its unique design. It is also perfect for an office wear. It will cost you around Rs 12000 to 15000.

Gold chain

Gold chain with diamond- Gold with a diamond is the most classy and stylish combination. As we know diamonds are women’s best friend so wearing a gold chain studded with diamond will give a stylish look and it is perfect for all occasions. It will cost you around Rs 18000 to Rs 22500.