Best place to buy hdri.. for 3d architectural viualiztions?


Hi can anyone tell me where is the Best place to buy hdri… for 3d architectural viualiztions?

Thanks in Advance… :slight_smile:


Personally, I would go for Peter Guthrie’s HDRI, also heard some great comments about CG-Source.
You can check VizPeople and VizPark too.
Some of them have free samples.



Thanks… I will check the previews… i hope there are previews available :slight_smile:

but thanks for the info :slight_smile: Cheers!


Some here, free and not.


There is a site called noemotion that has a great selection of hdri’s that are free and can be used for commercial work.

Peter Guthrie HDRI’S are really good so if you want to spend a bit of money I would go for those.


Peter Guthrie and CG source is good. Careful of vizpeople, they look great but are clamped. Check your images by adjusting the exposure in Photoshop if u see the Sun pop on and off at low exposure it’s been clamped


Hey people thanks for the replies…

Really appreciate it…

here is another one… hope it is useful…

SIBL Archive free hdri

giving myself time to find out the best ones before i buy them… thanks for helping out :slight_smile:


Late to the show, but two more:


The guys who run CGtextures seem to be updating their offer for HDRI. We all know the site for their textures but it looks like they have updated their HDRI’s as well.
Might be worth looking at:


Nice links so far!


Have you seen these before? I think this site has some great ones but they can get expensive.


Hi, I’m Matt from Backplate Pro - we create cinematic VFX stock footage with matching HDRI:

Hope this helps!

#13 has recently become completely free and has some amazing quality HDRI image sets at up to 16k. Please donate on patreon to keep the site running.