Best mouse for modelling


What do you think is the best mouse for modelling, as I am buying a new one. I have big hands, and am using lightwave. Anyone have any suggestions?


this is the bestmouse i have used.



Yea… go drive down to CompUSA or CircuitCity or whataver computer store you have around you and start fondling some mice. I think mice and keyboards are very touchy-fealing type of purchases, so one that I think is great, might be very uncomfortable to you. I personally love my IBM mouse (#MO27FO) has a weird shape that happens to fit my hand very well.


I have big Hands, too.
Ok, I’m using C4D and Maya, but there will be no difference, i think =)

Last week i bought the Logitech MX1000. It’s the best mouse i ever had. It works on nearly every ground, in big enough for my hands, has some spezial keys.

I also installed “speed-pads”, so it is easier to move :wink:


Crazy idea, but seems to be good one :thumbsup:


THanks, I was thinking of getting the MX 1000, now I’ll definitely pick it up. Just one thing, is the cordless worth it, or will the cord do just fine? And what exactly are speed pads?

And somewhere alongthe line, I have GOT to try that upright mouse. Now that looks interesting.


Pumpkin, if you’re really interested in that mouse, check my signature for a review of it.

As far as wireless mouse go, I had several mice before. I personally loved my wireless mouse (it was an Intellimouse Explorer). Only difference is the price though. I switched back to that Vertical Mouse (not wireless) and it’s still as good, with a wire.


I have a MS optical mouse Blue which i bought from target for 20 bucks…the wheel is great on this one…super fluid… it’s symmetrical…Igot it to switch to thhe left hand when my right was meat.

I have an evoluent first generation vertical mouse which I use 10% of the time…I used it for a long time for RSI but eventually I started favoring the old mice again cause I hate the wheel on it and I got the RSI under control

I have an intellimouse explorer 3.0 which I love the shape of . but the wheel isn’t as nice as the ms opt blue

they’re all hooked up at once I just grab which one I feel like to break things up.

I might buy the new evoluent but I’m not sure.

the only reason I bring any of this up is a lot of it is personal preference but the ergonomics of the components matter…I find the switches in the buttons of MS mice to be really comfortable to click


I bought an MX700 cordless to replace my first gen Intellimouse Explorer, and to be honest, after a few weeks of usage, I switched to using my Wacom tablet and pen all the time. This is I think because the MX700 is quite heavy with a pair of AA batteries on board, which can get quite tiring on a long modeling session, and for me, I think the the shape isn’t as comfortable as I thought it was in the shop! - Always try them out in use not just by handling their form - using a mouse is a subconscious thing and I’d be surprised if you will be as aware of how you use it when NOT actually navigating with it!
I hardly ever use a mouse at all now, finding the pen method of navigation more comfortable and natural, though I might consider a vertical mouse, or the ‘taller’ intellimouse which seemed to be usable in a more natural untwisted wrist position.


Logitech MX510 or MX700 I would say :slight_smile:


i have a logitech MX 300 mouse, to be honest, i dread the day this mouse dies.

i am a huge fan of simple mice, i don’t need any more than two buttons, tho this one has a tiny third button i have mapped to the back button in firefox.

as well as being a small mouse, it has the beefy logitech mx processor, which makes the mouse incredibly accurate.

The only problem is, logitech replaced the 300 with the 310, which is a much larger mouse in the style of their flagship mice =(

Logitech 300:,CRID=3,CONTENTID=4997

Logitech 310:,CRID=3,CONTENTID=6952


I use a Microsoft Cordless Optical Mouse which is fine. Batteries (2x AA) lasted about six months. Batteries easily available -I have kids, AA’s always required!!

It’s shape means it’s good for left or right handed use.

One thing I have used for some time with all my mice is a grey cloth covered mousepad with a gel filled cushion. Although in theory the optical mice don’t need a pad the dark matt surface can only help, and the cushion is great. No wrist ache even after 10 hours use.

It’s a good idea to get your working heights right when spending long periods at the computer. Paying attention to chair, keyboard and monitor height, your posture is invaluable. No point in spending vast sums on a mouse if you are sitting so badly you suffer after a few hours.

My keyboard shelf is parallel to my arm and hand if held parallel to the floor, with my wrist resting more or less permanently on the gel cushion. Seat height and back tilt adjusted accordingly.

The great thing is most of this only takes time and fiddling to get right, not loads of money. I’ve been on other peoples computers and straight away I feel uncomfortable so it’s no wonder they suffer aches and pains after a short time.

Don’t forget to rest your eyes and change your vision focus every so often.

I found my wacom good for freehand style drawing but prefer a mouse for other work.

You will also notice they sell cordless mice on there own but you can’t buy a cordless keyboard on its own, always as a set with a mouse. So if you want a keyboard as well get it at the same time. Having said that being corded I’ve never found a problem on a keyboard.

All the best



thats a very good point, i actually began to have wrist pain from modeling for so many hours out of the day, it turns out, it was my hand position. i knew that you weren’t supposed to rest your wrist on the table and then use the mouse, that will kill your hand, so i ran out to target and bought some Fellowes gell supports for my keyboard and mouse, and i can’t even tell you how much they have improved my wrist pain. (Note, $5 for mouse, $10 for keyboard support, don’t go to compusa, ripoff :wink: )

oh, and this wouldn’t hurt either…,1592,a10-c440-p8,00.html


Hav’n’t you got one of these, I thought everybody had one!! LOL.

Never actually seen or sat in one but I believe they are excellent.

Seriously though it’s funny how people will spend hundreds to get a slight gain in performance in say a graphics card but balk at spending any money on a good chair/table arrangement. I’m talking about spending hours seated at your computer, which is quite common these days, even at home.

My expanding waistline is living testament to the longer hours I spend working at the computer!!



I use MX700. I tried Mx1000 and it was great but had a bad response rate:( So get back to Mx700.


Really? Everything i’ve seen on the MX1000 shows that its responce rate is at least on par with the MX510 (wired mouse) while being more accurate, which is regarded as the “best” by quite a few people… wired being much more responcive than wireless :wink:


MX1000 had a bad response rate? Thats weird because its supposed to be better than all the other mice. Never tried it but it seems weird :slight_smile:


I have found that trackballs are much better for modeling. It takes a while to get used to, but after that you realise that moving your old mouse around the mouse-mat was just a total pain in the a*s!

I have a MS Explorer which I bought around a year ago, and I can’t go back!!!

That’s my thoughts anyways!



I bought MX 1000, and it is pretty much the best mouse I ever used. Response is flawless, button positions are very good, and I customized the button functions to suit my modeling package (wings3d).

Havent tried it at FPS gaming yet, but I think it will be a good performer.


Wacom tablet (the pen) all the way :smiley: