Best mobile computer under 2,000


I need a good computer under 2,000 for 3-D modeling,
any suggestions? I was looking at BOXX but they are insanely expensive
3000+ for their portable. Is Alienware only for gaming?
What is my best bet?


Your best bet is to post in the appropriate forum. :shrug:


I just spent $3700 for the goBOXX 2300, but it is worth every penny. I thought it was relatively cheap for what it does. I think Alienware’s version cost about the same. You can check the original manufacturer of these computers. Insanely expensive sounds more like $6K+. Maybe you check out HP. It won’t be the best, but I think you can get something that might work ok. Maybe a DELL also. The difference is that they use the mobile chip.

I posted this basic same question in the hardware forum. If you check in there and do a search for BOXX, you should find it. There were a few good suggestions.


There are tons of excellent laptops with 17" widescreens and decent graphics cards by companys like HP, Acer, LG. Companys like Sager and ProStar make absolute high end laptops with P4 3.2 ghz and geforce 6800 for under $2000, but I personlly dont think its worth it to go that high when you factor all the problems of heat, fan noise, weight, battery use.


hi dude…if u go to and look under laptops with 3.0 GHz and above you’ll notice the eMachine with AMD’s new 64-bit processor and you’ll see the toshiba with an amizing 3.4 GHz…all for under a thousand dollars new!..i know i sound a lot like a comercial but it’s just darn true…check it out!..need anything else just ask…


Portable? A shuttle PC is portable. But it’s not a laptop/notebook.


Best mobile computer for what?

You see, there’s an inverse relationship between computing power and power consumption.

A machine that has a fast processor will generally use up more battery power, so your batteries won’t last long. A slower processor will give you much more battery life.

So if rendering speed is not your No#1 priority, then a slower computer may give you a better mobile experience.


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