Best method to achieve splash/float simulation?


I’m trying to make an animation where a few objects (letters) fall into water. The first group of objects fall from the sky into the water, make a small splash, and float on top of the water for about 2 seconds. Then a small wave comes and washes away the first set of letters to reveal another set of letters (that came in with the wave). I’ve been searching the forums for ideas on how to approach this but have come up even more confused. Can I do this entirely by simulation? Do I have to cheat using particles (for the splash) soft bodies etc.? In the final output the water must be very translucent (Think barbados water) as you should be able to make out sand and maybe a fish or two underneath. The water must also have a slight soft kind of turbulence going on affecting the floating letter individually.

I am using Maya 6.5 unlimited. One of our workstations has RealFlow3 on it. I don’t really know how to use it but I’m willing to learn if that would be the best method (I’ve seen some fascinating results on their website).

While I’m tinkering around making small progress with fluid effects, does anyone have any ideas? Can anyone point me in the right direction so I don’t waste much more time ^.^ ?

My greatest thanks in advance.

P.S. I also know there is a way to show your render progress and total time in the output window, but I forget how to do that. Anyone know?


Hmm… Still not even one reply. Well I’ve been working on it and have come up so far with this test render using an “ocean” object and “make boats”. Obviously I have to tweak the shaders, lighting, render settings etc. (the floor texture is just some random shader from the shader library). The next step is to make the letters actually make some splashes, figure out how to control the waves, fix the water (it doesn’t look like what I’m trying to achieve… I really like the way the RealFlow water looks!!!) and some other tweaks.

Advice, hints, ideas etc. are still super tremendously appreciated ^.^


edit: Also my shadows and caustics are all messed up… dunno exactly how to fix them.


i would say Real Flow is the best for liquid simulation, try out some experiments there;)


Maya fluids could work, ocean and wake. Haven’t used it myself.

As for the wave, you’ll probably need to use realflow, or blobby particles. I’d do that as a different element, and use the wave element to segue between the two in compositing.


You’ve got a fairly elaborate liquid scheme going on there, but from the sounds of it it’s also a motion graphic, so you gotta ask yourself what are the elements you need to piece this thing together and make it look really sharp - economise the realflow - doing the whole thing as a simulation could drive you insane - the wave element you could make with a realflow wavetank - a square tank with settled particles in it has one half of its bottom drop in depth suddenly, you might be able to siimulate a good wave with that. Take your wave element into your maya scene file and toss it through different types of render cycles, you know get as many layers as you can get out of it, you can hand animate the letters coming in - and the letters falling in water and settling? That could be one whole RF sim too, you just have to make the letters bouyant and stay close to each other - use jets in the tank like you would if you did it practically. You can do good foam in post, but you can also use the Rf mesh as a particle emitter or use rf techniques to generate new, smart foamy particles. Toss a nice image or 3d model of caribbean sand and rocks underneath it, get some caustics action going, you’re mainly set, I mean does this help at all? It’d would definetly be an interesting build


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                          its very eazy to make spash in real flow.... you can get very good splash.......


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