Best Maya training for experienced C4D user?


Hi there,
I’ve been asked to teach an introductory 3D class using Maya for a group of young game design students (16-18 yo). I am already confident and experienced in teaching cinema 4D. I have asked my employer to purchase access to online video training for Maya so I can lock myself away and get up to speed with the software for an intensive few days.

Can any C4D users recommend training that helped them make the transition?

thanks in advance


Best Maya training is Houdini for C4D user.

#3 usually is great for that…


Lynda? Eww.

I’d recommend Pluaralsight over Lynda in a heartbeat. Gnomon workshop tutorials are decent. Simply Maya has a few good introductions topics.


Thanks guys. I’ve used Lynda a little in the past for c4d and found it a bit variable in quality. I’ll Check out Pluaralsight and gnomon


I just subscribed to Maya myself… take a look at they price their courses at $15 almost weekly and you can view them offline also.