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What kind of keyer you guys use in Digital Fuison, the standard crhoma keyer that comes with package is terrible. I got primate but its a bit to closed box with not enough flexibility for me. I come from Inferno environment, where I had master keyer - the best one I ever worked with. So what are other options for keying footage in Fusion. What do you guys use.

thanks in advance.



I’ve been using Ultrakeyer, Primatte and Advantedge over the years, in combination with every single other matte creation trick available to me in Fusion. I wouldn’t recommend either as a complete solution, though. They are all very different beasts, with their strengths and weaknesses. That said, Advantedge and Primatte combined are very hard to beat. The spill suppression in Utrakeyer isn’t too shabby either. But all depends on your source footage. If you are lucky enough to deal with crispy clean blue/greenscreen all the time, Advantedge is pretty awesome. Although I have encountered quite a few stability issues with it on an otherwise very stable setup.

I believe, in the lastest Fusion, Keylight is now supported as well, through OpenFX (if I am not mistaken).

Hope this helps.


And you can always use the AE version of Keylight in Fusion as well. Which bundles with AE 7.0+.



Ah darn, that’s right… I actually own a copy, completely forgot about that.

Ooh. Another thing for my to do list then :slight_smile:


to me if I cant get it wilth ultra keyer it just cant be keyed. Often times I need to use a few ultra keyers and combine mattes. Or mix with ultra keyer with a chroma or luma. Its not that often that you can get a key using one keyer alone.


The UltraKeyer is pretty bad. Most places that I’ve worked at use Primatte as the keyer in Fusion, and it’s always worked well with a bit of work. Some shots are keyed better in Shake/AE using KeyLight.


I just cant agree that the Ultra Keyer is terrible. Primatte my be better but the Ultra Keyer is in no way terrible.


the latest Primatte (Primatte 4 for Fusion 5) combined
with Fusion’s own despill keeps us very happy.
closest to click-click-done that I came across.

rant mode on
be aware of the extra costs though, other than one
might expect it costs extra if you need a descent
keying solution for Fusion - which is a pity given
that AE comes with Keylight and Shake had/has
both Primatte and Keylight included… :shrug:
rant mode off

buuuut: we still bought it for all seats and rendernodes because it is so good :slight_smile:


UltraKeyer is not that bad, is pretty handy for “easy” mattes, but when thigns go out of the "easy’ range …like Closeups and lots of hair moving around, :cry: , you are doomed.
My best Tip, extract the matte on any Autodesk “quick and go” Beast ( Flame / Inferno ) and use the Matte control on Fusion to get an optimized workflow. Better to loose some minutes keying on the Inferno, than hours of headaches later, reotouching edges, lost areas, etc.


So what do you do if you dont have an inferno to key on? I personaly have not run into anything I couldnt key with fusions native keyers.


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